Main Qualities of a Good International School in Malaysia

Education is an integral part of a child’s life; for parents, choosing a school to send their child to is a big decision. When parents take or send their child to a new country, city, or life, the best international school in Malaysia can help make the transition easy.

This indicates that the stakes can be higher for parents when choosing the perfect International school for their kids. With the help of the International Schools Database, parents can not only find International schools in their new home but can also match schools with the requirements of their child and themselves.


International School Database

With the help of the International school database, parents can find a suitable private secondary school in KL. They receive assistance from the database and find an International school per their requirement. As a parent, you will know what you want from an international school, and many qualities make an outstanding international school.


Qualities of an International School that You May Want

Some of the top qualities of an international school that can impress you as parents and that can be beneficial for your kids are as follows:


  • Native-speaking teachers

Native-speaking teachers are familiar with international schools, and many parents decide their children to enroll in International schools for this reason. Many teachers in such schools are native speakers of the language of instruction and not the native language of the country where the school is.

So, for instance, if your child lives in Paris but studies in the British curriculum, the teachers will be native speakers of English. This is one of the many benefits of the best International school in Malaysia.


  • Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities differ from school to school but can include anything from arts and crafts to swimming. This helps extend the school day and get children fully involved in school life. This is something that parents value a lot when choosing an international school for their child.


  • Extra languages

Expat parents know the benefits their children can receive from learning multiple languages. As per the opinion of many parents, International schools need to offer additional language classes.

Additional languages are those other than the language of instruction in the school. If a private secondary school student in KL is studying the British curriculum via English, additional language classes can be French, German, or any other language the school can provide.


  • Size of the class

Class size is an essential factor for parents when they opt for an International school for their child. Many parents consider a class size ideal when there are about 12 to 24 students.

Parents expect the class size to be small so their children can get the most attention they deserve while taking classes. The smaller the number of students in the class, the better it is for their child.


  • Strength in diversity

The best private secondary schools in KL are all about national diversity. There is a wide range of nationalities and cultures that enable the students to get the opportunity to transcend and understand the differences between various cultures in an authentic way.

The best International schools help empower young people looking to transition into international post-secondary study. The best schools give students the required toolkit so that the University doorways can open up in any country for them.

One of the essential elements of an international school is that it is globally connected. It is the kind of school with access to the global context to be adaptive, innovative, and forward-thinking.


What Are the Things that Are Not So Important?

Price is something that is an afterthought for most parents, and only a few parents think it to be an essential consideration. But for the first search, you as a parent might not have a budget in mind and might not want to limit your research based on that.

School distance is also another factor that is not important to many parents. In the case of International schools, choosing the right school for their child despite the location is the top priority for most parents.

The size of the International school compared to the class size is also not necessary to most parents. For an International school, a small school can be considered a school with less than 500 students. 


Final Words

You can look at the above qualities of the best international school in Malaysia and decide if you want to send your kids to an international school. There are multiple benefits that your child can reap in such types of private schools, and the most important thing is that they can learn different languages and respect other cultures and opinions of people.