Content Marketing to Record Sturdy Growth by 2026

Have you ever wondered what’s the driving factor behind a successful online business? Is it SEO and backlinks? Is it the social networks? No, it’s content marketing. And when done right, content marketing can change the fate of any website. As per market analysts, the global content marketing market is predicted to surpass $107,540.6 million and grow at a 14.3% CAGR during the 2019-2026 forecast period.

If you need to boost your online business, then refer to our 8 actionable content marketing strategies.

  1. Write More About Trending Topics

Whether you believe it or not, most topics are very competitive. And by the time you publish an article on something, there are already hundreds of posts out there on the same topic. So, it’s better to try writing on trending topics that don’t have much competition going around yet. Also, once can try out, a free tool that helps you find topics trending or growing in several different categories.

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  1. Try to Work Around the Intro

Blog post intros are very important to grab a reader’s attention; however, most introductions are way too lengthy. But with the PCB formula, one can create a short intro that’s more effective. First, you should quickly “preview” what your blog post is all about, then switch to the “benefits” of reading your post, and finally capping things off with a ‘call-to-action’.

  1. Link Your Social Profiles in Outreach Email Signatures

One effective way to get more replies to your outreach emails is by linking your social profiles. According to Pitchbox, social profile links can increase response rates by at least 9% and adding links to your Instagram profile is observed to make an even bigger difference.

  1. Reformat Your Content

Creating content for every platform is tough; reformatting the same content can be a life-saver strategy. Turn your blog post into a YouTube video and your video into a Twitter thread or Instagram post and quit stressing over creating new content every time.

  1. Put a Keyword in Your URL

Keyword-rich URLs are not just essential for SEO purposes but can also uplift your click-through rate by at least 45%. Moreover, it’s also right if your text in the URL is like the keyword to get you a decent CTR increment.

  1. Write Emotional Titles

According to research conducted by Backlinko, titles with an emotional punch are likely to be clicked more. Being said that, they shouldn’t be too emotional that your CTR suffers because of some power words.

  1. Write Spell-binding Meta Descriptions

Although Google doesn’t need your meta description tag to understand your blog post’s content, users decide right from your meta descriptions if they are worth clicking or not. You could also use a simple meta description template that is proven to work well. For example:

This is a (Include what the reader is looking for)

(Details on what is included)


  1. Make a Content Calendar

Every content creator or marketer should make a content calendar to keep track of all the publishing efforts along with crisp info about every piece like the topic, author, status, images, due date, URL slug, etc. This strategy also keeps the whole content creation team aligned and updated about their current stage and deadlines.

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Final Thoughts

Besides the 8 above-mentioned tips, there are many other content marketing strategies one can refer to accelerate their website. Moreover, with Google’s algorithm changing quite often, new strategies might also get published that you should try to further boost your online business.