Gaming Simulator Market Analysis, Growth rate, Global Trends, Price and Forecasts to 2030

Online gaming industry has seen a massive growth unlike several other industries with various novel advances in gaming technologies. Game developers have cautiously observed the trends in the online gaming industry to satisfy the needs and interests of their audience. Among many other types of games, simulation games are creating a lot of buzz among gamers and this novel trend is sure to continue in the coming years.

What are Simulation Games?

game which offers a simulated environment for its players to play is called a simulation game. Currently, one of the major evolutions in the online gaming sector is the continuous development as well as growing popularity for mobile gaming. The concept of mobile gaming has pulled in a huge pool of the potential audience, owing to the easy availability of smartphones and the ease with which people can play games using them. The more the people want to adopt smartphones, the more the game developers will build games that can be played on mobile devices.

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Simulation games are one of the highly famous and extensive game types. However, can these games be played on android devices? Yes, of course! Simulation games are highly played on mobile devices because of the “tap & swipe controls” that work smoothly on touch screens. These games are extremely engaging, easy to play, and some of them can even continue for years. In this type of games, events occur automatically and you just need to take decisions and push things along in a particular direction.

The biggest challenge in the simulation game industry is the vastness of the simulation game types. You can simulate almost anything, and therefore there are loads of subgenres, like sports sims, city builder sims, life sims, survival sims, flight sims, farming sims, and many more. Such a long list makes it tough to bring together all these sims. Here’s a list of some of the best simulation games for Android users.

1. AltLife

This game comes with a text type life simulator. In this game, you are born, then you grow up, make choices related to your life, and finally die one day. This game allows you to make so many decisions and maintains a record of your life, for instance appearance, happiness, health, etc. It is a very simple game with no graphical entreaty of any kind. Those in hunt for something similar to “The Sims” can opt for “The Sims: Mobile” or “The Sims: FreePlay”, these are comparatively more advanced life simulation games.

2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

It is a social simulator and does not simulate anything specific, but people mostly feel that it does simulations. Game players are released on an island, there they meet the local wildlife and make friendship with them, set up a camp, travel around the area, craft things, and perform many other activities. The more detailed version of this type of game is the “Nintendo Switch version”; however the mobile version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game will scrape out that itch as well. The mobile version contains around 300 clothing articles, almost 1,000 types of furniture, and nearly 100 animals.

3. Game Dev Tycoon

It is one of the novel and latest simulation games available for android devices. In this game, you can start playing with almost nothing and gradually form a massive game studio. Moreover, you can develop your capabilities, make numerous decisions, and try selling out the finest games. It is one of the few game developer sim games. Still, this one satisfies most of the requirements often demanded in game developer sim games. Moreover, it is a pay-once game with no further in-app charges. The mobile version of this game contains an updated story line, a piracy mode, and touch-screen joysticks. With Google Play Pass one can play this game without any additional fees.

4. Mini Metro

This game comes with a retro type passageway simulator. In this game, a player has to design an underpass map for a developing city. The player has to tackle numerous obstacles to develop something that functions smoothly and on-time. The city, which a player starts developing, grows arbitrarily as the game proceeds. Moreover, the game comprises various updates, an endless mode to simply enjoy and relax, and an extreme mode for some additional activities. It runs for $0.99 with no in-app charges, and hence is a great option for simulation game lovers on a budget.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Advanced Game Simulators to Build the Future of Simulation Games

The gaming simulators available in the marketplace are graphically appealing and engaging and generate a lot of emotions in the players. In the recent years, the gaming simulator industry has observed substantial growth owing to the growing demand for game simulator in the gaming industry. The global market has already seen an exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. A majority of people across the world have shown significant interest in virtual gaming during the quarantine period. Moreover, as per a report by Research Dive, the global gaming simulator market is projected to exceed $20,433.9 million by 2026 due to the availability of enhanced hardware such as graphics, sound cards, and faster processors. Hence, this clearly indicates that the future of simulation games is bright and many more interesting simulation games will be soon launched with more advanced features in the near future.