12 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn New Skills

Before you find an international school in Singapore, you should think about making the decision process fun and rewarding for your child. Most children aren't born learning experts. While an individual's personality significantly impacts their eagerness to learn and overall attitude toward education and schooling, excellent kids must first become good learners. More particularly, any student with the required ability and the proper motivation can develop into a competent learner. Here are some tips:


  1. Create an academic environment

You should ensure the kids have a positive learning environment. If your home is full of distractions, such as television and video games, it will be more difficult for your child to focus on schoolwork. Ensure a designated area in your home where your child can study without interruption.


  1. Encourage positive reinforcement

One way to do it is to praise your child when they do well in school or accomplishes a difficult task. It boosts the child's morale and makes them confident about themselves and their abilities. It's essential to be sincere in your praise and avoid using empty phrases like "Good job!" or "Nice work!" Try to be specific about what you're praising them for, like "I'm so proud of you for getting an 'A' on that maths test!"


  1. Set realistic expectations

If you expect your child to get straight A's all the time; they're likely to feel overwhelmed and discouraged if they don't meet that goal. On the other hand, if you have reasonable expectations, such as expecting them to try their best or get good grades in most subjects, they'll be more likely to feel motivated and succeed.


  1. Help them develop a love for learning

If they see you reading books, magazines, or newspapers, or if they see you pursuing your hobbies and interests, they'll be more likely to want to learn new things. So encourage them to explore their areas of interest and try new activities.


  1. Make learning fun

You can do this by enrolling them into IB international baccalaureate program by incorporating the learning process. This program is a great tool to enhance their skills.


  1. Encourage them to ask questions

If you have found an international school in Singapore, encourage your child to ask questions. The atmosphere in international schools is incredibly competitive. It will help them be more engaged in learning and show them that they're interested in what they're learning. When they have questions, take the time to answer them thoroughly and patiently.


  1. Help them find a study buddy

A friend from school or someone they get along with could well serve this purpose. In addition, having a study companion can make the process more fun and help them stay on track.


  1. Encourage active involvement in class

Raising their hand to answer questions, volunteering for projects, and participating in discussions means they are actively engaging in their sessions. It will help them be more engaged in learning and show them that they're interested in what they're learning. IB international baccalaureate program is the one way to do it.


  1. Help them stay organized

Staying organized means teaching them to keep track of their assignments, materials, and due dates. You can also help them by creating a study schedule or plan. It will help them to use their time more effectively and avoid last-minute scrambling.


  1. Encourage healthy study habits

Encouraging means teaching them to take breaks, eat healthy snacks, and get enough sleep. It's also essential to encourage them to limit their time on electronic devices and social media. By developing healthy habits, they'll be more likely to succeed in school and life.


  1. Reward their efforts

You can do it with a simple hug or high-five or with a more tangible reward like a toy or a treat. Whatever you choose, let the children know you're proud of their hard work and accomplishments.


  1. Find a tutor

Tutors can help your child with specific subjects or skills that they're struggling with. They can also provide guidance and support outside of the classroom. There are tutors available for all budgets and schedules, so be sure to find one that's right for your family.



These strategies will certainly help your kids in the international school in Singapore. Just remember to be patient, supportive, and encouraging. With your help, they'll be on their way to success.