Refresh Your College Essentials By Taking a Trip to These Markets in Delhi

College life in Delhi is exciting and fun. The capital of India has so much to offer to everyone who stays there or visits it. If you are pursuing your higher education from a college in Delhi, you will always have plenty of things to do and explore besides your studies. From historical monuments to restaurants and numerous markets, there is something for everyone in this metropolitan. Each area of Delhi is easily accessible now thanks to the connectivity the metro offers. This is especially great for college students who live on a budget, as metro makes travelling cheaper and the money can be spend on better things like shopping.


The city has plenty of markets for students which are extremely affordable and offers things  ranging from clothes, shoes and even home decor. If you are looking forward to refresh your college essentials, you should definitely take a trip to these markets.


Janpath: Affordable and full of variety, Janpath is one of the best markets in Delhi for street shopping. You can easily find clothes, sunglasses, bags, jewellery, footwear and even home decor in Janpath. The street also has various vendors selling ethnic clothes as reasonable prices. Once you are done shopping here, you can chill with your college buddies at any of numerous cafes in Connaught Place or finish your day with a cold coffee from De Paul’s.

Sarojini Nagar: Whether you live in Delhi or not, you will have surely heard of the infamous Sarojini Nagar Market. Cute tops, stylish dresses, trendy jeans, suede bags, shoes and jewellery, this markets fullfillls all your fashion needs at extremely cheap prices. If you are living in a  single room pg in Hauz Khas or a pg in Khirki Malviya Nagar, you can just hop in an auto with your roommate and have a fun-filled day of shopping for the latest fashion. The market is also well-connected to other areas of Delhi through metro.

Kamla Nagar: Students studying in the North Campus of Delhi University are often found shopping and eating at the Kamla Nagar market. This market has various known brands and street shopping for all your college needs. You can also find ample silver jewellery shops here when you want to treat yourself to something fancy yet affordable or get a piercing done. Besides clothes, you can also find books, scarves and  accessories here. 

Delhi Haat: If you are someone who loves handicrafts from different states of India, then Delhi Haat is the place for you. Besides handicrafts, Delhi Haat also offers a variety of fabrics, Indian wear, home decor, paintings, leather goods and accessories made locally by rural artisans. After a long day of shopping, you can enjoy some delicious cuisines from different states of India.

Gaffar Market: As a technology driven generation, gadgets and their accessories are important during college life and Gaffar Market is the way to go if you want to buy a new device, get your old one repaired or shop for tech accessories. Besides catering to your technology needs, Gaffar also has several shops for home decor, perfumes and more.

Shopping not only offers a pleasant break from studies, it is also fun to do with your friends and as a student living in Delhi, you surely have many options to shop from!  If you are a student looking for a single room pg in Kamla Nagar or any other college areas of Delhi, then you should check out the your-space website which offers affordable and comfortable accommodation options in Delhi and across India.