6 Super Perks of Using a Good Onion Shampoo

    Rahul Singh

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    In today’s extremely harmful pollution conditions and excess chemical use, the hair that is so precious to you is falling off your scalp in godspeed. It pains you to see hundreds and thousands of hair on your combs and all over the house. Not only does hair fall, but a family pack of dandruff, premature greying, and balding also come with it. 


    When we think of a one-stop solution for all these hair problems, one name that comes to mind is onion. This ingredient can smell uneasy, but its nutrients are excellent for your hair and scalp. There are many products, like onion shampoo for hair growth, onion hair oil, onion serum, onion hair mask, and whatnot. Here are a few perks of using a good onion hair shampoo to lead you towards having healthy and strong hair.

    Reduces Hair Fall

    Onion shampoo solves the major hair problem of all times, hair fall. Using onion hair oil with shampoo reduces hair fall and nourishes your scalp as well. Onion shampoo helps to improve the blood supply to your hair follicles, strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss. There are many brands of onion shampoo for hair growth available in the market but choose a good quality one only.

    Reduces Premature Greying

    Onion has an ingredient called catalase that keeps your hair from premature greying. When you use it regularly on your hair and scalp, the greying stops after some time. You can use it daily to keep your hair hearty.

    Removes Dryness

    Onion shampoo works wonders for dry hair as the nutrients in the shampoo help the dry scalp and hair. It also helps the scalp from itchiness and soothes it. Onion is rich in antioxidants that are extremely helpful for nourishing the hair and preventing it from drying.

    Controls Frizzy Hair

    Onion shampoo can combat frizzy hair and helps with the damage to the hair and scalp. Regular use allows you to treat and control your hair’s frizziness and keep it healthy and manageable. 

    Adds Natural Volume

    When hair fall stops and your hair starts growing back, automatically, it looks voluminous. Massaging onion hair oil on the scalp and hair for some time and then washing it with a good quality onion shampoo and conditioner will only enhance hair nourishment, increasing hair volume. 

    Now, people have understood the vitality of onions in our beauty regime. Numerous homemade hair masks and market-brought products have onions in them. Onion is a natural ingredient, so it is wiser to use a product free of harmful chemicals and harsh reactions, something like WOW Skin Science Onion and Black Onion Seed Shampoo. Check the WOW shampoo reviews to pick from an array of exclusive hair and skin care products at their website.