5 Reasons Why Vape Tastes Burnt!

Vaping has rapidly made a name for itself as the best smoking option. This is because vaping is better than smoking because it contains less nicotine as compared to traditional cigarettes. 

Everyone has experienced a burnt taste vape, and if you have not, then you are a lucky man. The burnt taste is not good. It affects your throat and all the way damage your lungs. You might choke or cough as a result of this. Stop vaping immediately, and then take a few measures to figure out what's causing it. 

We'll go over the top five causes of burnt flavors coming from your vape and offer advice on how to stop it for good.

 What are burnt hits?

When you are vaping, and it emits a burnt taste after taking a draw, burnt hits happen. This occurs as a result of the cotton inside the atomizer coil drying out and burning during heating. This might occur after using the same coil for a long time to vape or even right after taking the first puff with a brand-new coil. We'll explain how to identify a burned coil and how to get rid of the burnt flavor in a vaporizer.

Why does that happen? Here are the five major reasons and how to fix them:


The first and foremost reason when the flavor tastes burnt is that the coil is burnt. It is not intended for coils to last a lifetime. No matter how costly or affordable your coil is, it will ultimately burn out. You should then go out and purchase a replacement coil for your vape kit at that point. Additionally, your coil's burnt-out condition won't be indicated by a burnt taste. As your coil ages, you'll notice that the flavor from your inhalation is disappearing. It is preferable to swap out your coil as soon as you notice the flavor decreasing rather than waiting until the coil is totally burned up.

Chain Vaping:

 Vapes shouldn't be used continuously. They should only be used for one session at a time, then be put to rest until you need them again. If you vape continuously, your wick won't have time to become moist before you burn it. You will also have dry puffs as a result of this, and you will grow to detest the flavor entirely. Make sure to give your kit a rest if you want to solve this issue.


The wattage has a lot more to do with your flavor than you think. Generally, the coil comes with its own preferred temperature range when you buy it. But you feel the faded flavor and possibly a burnt taste f you ignore that range and work it at wattage other than the suggested. So, no matter how inclined you are to amp it up to get a great smoke, it is always advisable that you set the watts on your kit based on your coil specifications. 


Since all the vape liquids are made up of the same four basic constituents, you may feel that they have the same effect on your kit and coil. But it is not a fact. Dessert-themed favors include lots of sweeteners that reduce the life of your coils, giving you a burnt taste. You must be ready to change coils very often if you are very fond of sweet flavors. 


Everything needs maintenance for better functionality. So, vape coils are no exception. Your coils not being clean because you just bounce from one flavor to the next without cleaning them in between is one of the extremely crucial things that may generate a burnt taste on your flavor. So, if you want a decent vaping experience, maintain your coils clean. 

 The Bottom Line:

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