Tooth Reshaping and Cosmetic Contouring Teeth Cost in India

Cosmetic dentistry, also known as tooth reshaping, is a small cosmetic procedure done by the dentist. This is done to change the tooth's dimensions, shape, or surface for a better appearance. The cosmetic contouring method is sometimes blended with bonding; it is a remedy for remodels and sculptures that form the tooth. Cosmetic contouring is the perfect solution for the desire to have an ideal smile. It is a very quick and painless procedure with very less recovery time. 


The Cosmetic Contouring Teeth Cost in India


In general, cosmetic contouring teeth cost in India is reasonable, and one can easily afford the services. However, the cost of cosmetic teeth contouring can vary from hospital to hospital. Also, it depends on the type of contouring teeth treatment and customized service you want from your dentist. To have a rough idea, the cost of cosmetic teeth contouring in India is ₹ 2000 per case. 


People Who can consider Tooth Contouring 


  • Increase teeth sensitivity
  • People having irregular tooth shape 
  • In case of a defect of the uneven length of teeth 
  • If the teeth are slightly overlapped 
  • Chipping at the edges of the teeth
  • In case of Crowding or malposition of the teeth
  • Finishing touch after removing braces 
  • People who have sensitive enamel or tooth pulp very close to the surface 


Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring/Tooth Reshaping


  • Provides a beautiful and confident smile
  • Enhanced oral hygiene
  • Minimizes the risk of tooth decay and oral infection or disease 
  • It makes flossing and brushing comfortable
  • Helps to repair biting issues
  • It makes teeth look realistic and healthy