WPiAM Certified Asset Management Technical Team

The CAMA Technical Team offers the WPiAM technical help in the areas of content, structure, and the overall quality of CAMA Exam questions. We make sure that the questions on the CAMA Exam and those in the GFMAM Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Auditor/Assessor are consistent with one another.

We offer our input on the exam methods and systems that may have an effect on the validity or safety of the exam questions and results. We maintain and update the exam questions throughout the year in order to keep the CAMA Exam current and relevant.



A person's global qualifications in asset management knowledge and comprehension can be established by earning the "Certified Asset Management Assessor" (CAMA) credential. [Certified Asset Management Assessor] The GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor Assessor Specification serves as the basis for this multiple-choice test, which can be found at ISBN978-0-9871799-3-7. The WPiAM is in charge of the creation of the exam, as well as its maintenance and administration.


A candidate can receive the Certified Asset Management Assessor Certificate by demonstrating proficiency in online testing and completing a comprehensive professional profile.

Potential participants in the CAMA Exam will have additional flexibility after the Remote Proctoring Solution is made public on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Participants will be able to take the CAMA Exam from any location in the world thanks to the Remote Proctoring Solution, which eliminates the need for a face-to-face component entirely.

The test lasts for a total of two hours and features one hundred and ten questions with multiple choice answers. The test is provided in the English language.


Acquiring credentials in asset management knowledge and comprehension on a global scale, such as those offered by the Certified Asset Management Assessor Certification, requires an individual to pass a series of exams.

Companies are able to establish the level of experience and competency of their staff members, whether those employees are participating in an audit team or assisting with the development and evaluation of asset management systems. Certification is necessary in order to demonstrate compliance with the following standards for participation in the Joint Australian and New Zealand Asset Management Systems Scheme (AMS Scheme): April 2015 document titled "Requirements for firms offering audit and certification of Asset Management Systems."


We provide assurance that the examination question and answer sets are of a high technical level. We ensure that the quality of the examination is consistent across a number of different languages, including English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

We take precautions to protect the confidentiality of examination question and answer sets while they are in our hands. Examining methods are subject to regular monitoring, evaluation, and assessment by our staff for the aim of quality improvement. We embrace ISO 17024 – Conformity assessment, General standards for entities performing certification of persons, and we are aligned to this standard.

In order to promote overall quality improvement, we monitor, review, and assess the findings of examinations (including candidate feedback and psychometric results). We maintain the examination requirements up to date by keeping track of any changes made to the GFMAM specification.

In order to ensure that the overall CAMA Certification specifications are up to date, we conduct a review of the GFMAM specification (or specifications) (with respect to requirements that may not be addressed by the exam). We act in a capacity similar to that of a technical advisor to the Management Company.

The exam question pool is expanded through the establishment, monitoring, and revision of several processes. In response to the Management Company's request, we contribute to the Management Company's standing regulations, policies, and processes linked to the Certified Asset Management Assessor program.

We do our part to spread awareness about the CAMA certification.

We are always excited to have new members join our team. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you are a member of a WPiAM society and would want to contribute your expertise to the ongoing development of the CAMA test.

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