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Happy Chick is a simple yet powerful game emulator. It allows you to play retro-style games from more than 18 different gaming systems on your Android smartphone. The emulator has been designed to feature customizable configuration options and comes with a simple interface. Since the program is available for Android, iOS, and Windows, you can play various titles on various devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. If you've been looking to revisit some childhood gaming experiences, this tool can take you down memory lane without much hassle.

Happy Chick Features

If you want to play classic games and re-experience your favorite games directly on your Android, Happy Chick is the best option available. This application is capable of emulating any platform. Download games for any console and enjoy them with Happy Chick.

Happy Chick's main selling point is the fact that you can download the games directly from their catalog. That means you don't have to use a different tool to end up downloading files that might not even work. After completing a quest, you'll see a long list of options, depending on the game. Before starting the download process, you can check the available platforms, so you always know for sure that you are downloading the correct game.

This application is capable of emulating games for PlayStation 1, 2, or 3, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy, and practically any other console available on the market. Also, it allows you to download Android games through its own servers. This pack of emulators allows you to enjoy all the classic games you can imagine. Happy Chick makes it easy to find games, adapt your screen and play with the on-screen controls or any controller by connecting via Bluetooth.



Download Happy Chick APK For Android


How To Install Happy Chick App

Your Android device only allows you to install apps from the Google Play Store. To install software anywhere else, you must enable installation from third-party sources. That is, enable the "Unknown Sources" setting.


  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Go To Security >> Device administration.
  3. Check "Unknown Sources".
This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.
  • Download Happy Chick APK File you should then be able to see it downloading on the top bar of your device.
  • Once it's downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file and tap Yes when prompted.
  • The app will begin installing on your device.