How the International Baccalaureate Schools Make You Invincible

    Rahul Singh

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    The International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Delhi are a demanding school program that prepares students for the rigours of higher education. It has been so successful at preparing students for college—with more than 90 per cent of its graduates going on to study in a four-year university—that the IB program now includes 208 schools worldwide. The IB curriculum is updated every nine months, and high-school students must take an entrance exam and one or more subject exams each year. The exam usually corresponds with an academic subject such as biology, chemistry, algebra, or English language. 

    If you’re serious about getting into college after high school and want to take advantage of the many benefits of an international baccalaureate program, check out these top reasons why you should consider one today.

    The International Baccalaureate Program is Accredited and Tested

    Unlike many only accredited programs, the IB program is accredited and tested. This means the program itself is certified to the highest international standard. Then, in addition, the entire program is tested every year using a standardized test administered to students worldwide. This ensures that students can graduate with a high level of knowledge and skills. In addition, IB schools can meet the IB’s strict academic standards by using a program known as the IB MYP. The MYP is an academic program that allows students to earn a full IB diploma in three years.

    The IB Curriculum Teaches Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

    The curriculum of IB schools in Delhi NCR, like all good curricula, doesn’t just cover facts and figures. Instead, it teaches students to look at the big picture and to solve a problem creatively. While students are learning scientific, mathematical, and logical concepts through their IB classes, they also learn how to look critically at these concepts and how to apply good judgment and sound reasoning. 

    Students who complete the IB program are more likely than the average student to approach problems using critical thinking skills. This is because the IB curriculum encourages students to think about the big picture and the problem as a whole rather than focus on specific details. IB schools are committed to developing students comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. This is an important skill when many questions are open-ended and ambiguous in life and college.


    The IB program is a rigorous, demanding curriculum that prepares students for success at the highest levels of academic achievement. It’s designed to be rigorous, demanding, and intense, and it has been shown to produce students who are more successful than the average student after college. The IB program is also excellent for students who want to develop a broad, well-rounded education. The IB program is rigorous, demanding, and intense, and it has been shown to produce students who are more successful than the average student after college. The world has become even more competitive post-pandemic, make a wise choice and select the best IB school like The Shri Ram school for your child!