From 2022 to 2027, the Saudi Arabia Nutraceuticals market is projected to grow at a 6.71% CAGR.

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    The current Saudi Arabia Nutraceuticals market research report provides a comprehensive overview of various variables that influence the business portfolio, future outlook, present crisis analysis with significant innovations, and product & service segmentation. The research analyzes key statistics on market size, major drivers, growth opportunities & challenges, competitive analysis, and revenue share of leading corporations/industries/companies, namely -

    -Pfizer Inc.

    -Bayer Middle East FZE

    -Vitabiotics Ltd.

    -Nestlé UAE L.L.C.


    --BASF FZE

    -PepsiCo Inc.

    -General Mills Inc.

    -Nature's Way Products, LLC.

    -Abbott Laboratories S.A.

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    According to the research report, the Saudi Arabia Nutraceuticals Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.71% during 2022-27.

    Market Definition: Nutraceutical products are non-specific biological therapies that are used to promote general well-being, control symptoms, and prevent malignant processes. It provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention & treatment of disease. The UAE has a high prevalence of lifestyle-based diseases due to excessive consumption of packaged food and a sedentary lifestyle due to which the demand for nutraceuticals in the form of fortified functional food & beverages among the consumers has increased during the historical period.

    Key Driver: The 'Rich' lifestyle of the UAE residents has led to mild to severe health problems such as poor gut health to chronic diseases. Further, the prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, etc., is primarily the result of extensive consumption of packaged & junk food. Moreover, the high calorific packaged food & beverages combined with least to no physical activity has been the main factor for the increasing lifestyle disorders in the country. Nonetheless, the increasing awareness about a healthy lifestyle, rising inclusion of nutritional supplements for immunity building, improving internal organ functions, etc., have driven the integration of nutraceutical products in the daily lifestyle of the population.

    Similarly, the rising inclination toward a healthy lifestyle as well as increased physical activities among the country's population to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, including overweight, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc., is expected to increase the consumption of nutraceutical supplements during the forecast period.

    Possible Restraint: The limited ability of the country to process raw material for nutraceuticals, such as branched-chain amino acids, collagen peptides, etc., has always resulted in the country importing dietary supplements, primarily from China, India, and the US. Additionally, the overall import dependency has led to the high prices of dietary supplements in the UAE. Consequently, the rising cost of dietary supplements in the UAE has always posed a challenge to the nutraceutical market, given the premium pricing of dietary supplements.

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    The Market segments are cited below:

    Market Divided into, By Product Type

    -Dietary Supplements

    --Proteins & Peptides

    --Vitamins & Minerals

    --Herbals (Ayurveda Extracts, Plant Extracts, Algal Extracts, And Phytochemicals)

    --Others (Fatty Acids and Fiber)

    -Functional Foods

    --Probiotics Fortified Food

    --Omega Fatty Acid Fortified Food

    --Branded Ionized Salt

    --Branded Wheat Flour

    --Others (Fortified Rice, Infant Formula, etc.)

    -Functional Beverages

    --Fruit & Vegetable Juices and Drinks

    --Dairy & Dairy Alternative Drinks

    --Non-Carbonated Drinks (Bottled Water, Tea, And Coffee)

    --Other (Herbal Tea, Sports Drinks, And Energy Drinks)

    Market Divided into, By Source




    Market Divided into, By Form

    -Tablets & Capsules

    -Gummies & Soft Gels

    -Powder & Liquid

    Market Divided into, By Sales Channel

    -Offline Store-Based

    --Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

    --Specialty Stores


    Country Level Segmentation is as follows: Germany, The UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Israel, South Africa

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    Key Citations of the Research Report:

    -Influential parameters driving or constraining Market growth

    -The Market's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

    -A thorough examination of the Market's shifting dynamics

    -Assists in determining the profitability by providing thorough insights & assessments of -various segments of the Market

    -Key strategies adopted by market leaders to maintain their position in the Market

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