Healthy diet to lose weight in Ramadan to lose 10 kilos


After a few days, God willing, the holy month of Ramadan will bring us the month of Ramadan with its delicious appetite that may increase our weight. Therefore, our site is keen to provide a diet program that helps all those who wish to lose weight up to 10 kilos within 30 days. Before the program, we will talk about the benefits of fasting in Ramadan. Some people believe that fasting leads to laziness, tiredness, and lack of movement, but this is not true. If a person abstains from fasting, he acquires many important things, but on condition that he does not fast too fast. Such as the process of construction and demolition, as it is preferable to fast one month a year as in Ramadan, and for no more than 20 hours a day. diet Ramadan Experiment for the loss of 10 kg: A variety of diet gives you the freedom of diversity between meals and makes you lose about ten kilograms if you follow all the instructions that we will give at the end of the diet offers.
First: Breakfast
We take two cups of water as soon as we hear the ears and some dates.
Secondly: After the prayer
2 cups water + a large dish of any protein soup + a large plate of green salad + a slice of brown bread.
Thirdly: During the evening period
4 cups of water + 2 fruit are taken, taking into consideration that two cups of water are taken before eating the fruit and afterward.
Fourth: the suhoor meal:
1 cup of skimmed milk or a pack of yogurt (low fat) + fruit and preferably a banana or apple + 4 cups of water distributed on the meal as a whole.
Some instructions to follow this diet:
There is a set of instructions that must be followed during the period of use of this diet until the desired results are as follows:
Water is a key partner in all types of dieting, without which dieting does not achieve its goal at all as water contributes significantly to the success of dieting because it works to fill a large area of the size of the stomach before eating and then the amount of food that is addressed Very few.
Hence, at least 4 liters of water should be taken daily.
Green power
It is also the most important companionship, which must be maintained with any follow-up and especially this dieting in question.
Playing sports
And here we do not ask you to practice violent sports but ask for a moderate sport, and we may always recommend walking sports as they are the simplest sports, which are available to the vast majority of individuals.
Punctuality, the order of the meal, and no change of meal elsewhere.
You can also follow up on dates and yogurt in Ramadan, the latest types of dieting.