Food that Gives High Plant Protein and Fiber

    Rahul Singh

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    Protein supplements, which were earlier only restricted to the lifestyle of celebrities or bodybuilders are increasingly making it into the life of ordinary people. Be it just to follow the trend or genuinely adopt a protein-rich diet, people are eagerly looking for protein-rich meals. We can blame the paradigm shift towards a fitness-conscious lifestyle on the influencers and celebrities who constantly bring these up on their social media handles. But whatever the reason might be, it has definitely brought about a wind of change in our eating and lifestyle habits. Fiber is incredibly essential because it helps in quick digestion and feeds friendly gut bacteria. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, bone, skin, hair, and almost everything else in your body. Let us see some of the food that is rich in plant protein and fiber. 

    Dates- Dates are a powerhouse for a multitude of vitamins, minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber. Surprisingly, this tiny fruit boasts about 7 grams of protein in a 3.5-ounce serving. If you want to boost your fiber intake then incorporating dates in your daily diet is just the right way to go! High-fiber food can benefit your digestive health as it reduces constipation and regulates your bowel movement. High-fiber food is also beneficial in keeping your blood sugar level in check. 

    Sorghum- Have a sweet tooth but are trying to cut down on the sugar intake? Then sorghum is just what you need in your daily diet. If you are in a fix about how you can add this to your diet, then there are plenty of options. Sorghum is a type of millet that is replete with a variety of nutrients and vitamin B which plays an important role in metabolism and nerve cell development. It is also a fact that half a cup of sorghum provides almost about 7 grams of fiber. There are a number of little millet recipes or jowar breakfast ideas that are perfect to beat the morning hunger pangs. 

    Ragi- This staple grain is commonly found in almost every South Indian kitchen. Loaded with calcium, protein, and fiber, Ragi is a crucial powerhouse for furnishing your body with important nutrients. Due to its very low content of unsaturated fats, it is ideal for those looking for millet recipes for weight loss. Thanks to the high dietary fiber content of ragi, it can perfectly help you lose weight. The generous amount of magnesium and potassium keeps your heart in a healthy shape. You can opt for ragi dosa, ragi idli, or ragi roti to incorporate into your daily diet. If you are looking for millets online, Millé houses delicious pancake mixes and 100% whole grain foxtail millet so that you can whip up scrumptious millet recipes for breakfast. Check out their website to know more. 

    Plant-based products are undeniably affecting our eating habits and this is evident by the revamped food options on supermarket shelves. It’s time we embrace this shift and reap the maximum benefits of high plant-protein and fiber-rich content.