Solar Control Glass Market Will Be Driven by Increasing Green Constructions

The global solar control glass market was valued at $5,625.98 million in 2021, and it is projected to propel at the rate of 9% in the coming years, to reach $12,219.04 million by 2030. This is mainly because governments and organizations are focusing more on reduction of carbon emissions. Many international organizations have laid out guidelines to control the emission of greenhouse gases.

As the construction of green non-residential and residential buildings is increasing, the industry is also growing as a result. This is credited to the benefits provided by the green constructions like the usage of renewable energy sources, decrease in the amount of waste produced, and improved design for the better fitting of solar control glass panels.

Furthermore, due to the change in the climatic conditions, the demand of solar glass is increasing. This is because people are becoming more aware of the high price of air conditioning units, which are needed in residential and commercial spaces and the growing attention toward smart construction in order to save the environment.

The commercial buildings category had over 50% share in the recent past. This is mainly because of the surge in industrialization in India, China and Japan. In these countries expansion of commercial spaces like shopping malls, corporate spaces, and industrial facilities is increasing rapidly.

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Residential category held the second largest share. This is because of the massive construction of residential buildings around the globe. Solar glass have several advantages like preventing harmful UV rays from entering into the room, which helps to decrease the heat transmission and allows natural light to enter into the room.

Hard-coated solar control glass dominates the solar control glass market. This is mainly because of the fact that it helps to control the flow of light in the room for keeping it brighter and cooler. For absorbing the UV rays and for reflecting the infrared radiations, these panels are coated with superior materials.

As people are becoming more aware of smart construction, the demand for solar control glass will grow in the future.