Do you know where IoT is applicable?

    Shams Khan

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    To begin with, IoT is a network of interconnected objects that are capable of collecting and exchanging data in real-time using embedded sensors. In addition, it is one of the most important technologies of this century and it facilitates sharing of physical things with minimal human interventions. To further know about it, one can visit IoT Training in Delhi.

    Features Of IoT

    • Connectivity- It is the concept of establishing a secure and effective connection between IoT platforms and things of IoT.

    • Analyzing- It analyzes the real-time data collected and uses it to build effective business intelligence.

    • Integrating-This technology is capable of integrating with multiple models for improving the user experience.

    • Artificial Intelligence- It uses AI to make things smart and enhances life through the use of data.

    • Sensing- Above all, it consists of sensing devices for detecting and measuring any changes in the environment.

    • Communication- It connects devices and facilitates active and secure communication among them.

    Application Of IoT

    IoT technology is useful in providing industrial internet as it consists of interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices connected with computers. In addition, it also has uses in telehealth and telemedicine as it facilitates digital communication of Medical Imaging along with remote Medical Diagnosis & Evaluations. There are many IoT Training Institute in Noida and one can enroll in them to learn about this technology. Apart from these, given below are some of the applications of IoT.

    • Smart Homes- Electric meter with IoT device, set-top box, Automatic Illumination Systems, Advanced Locking Systems, Connected Surveillance Systems, Etc. These are some of the examples of the concept of the application of IoT in smart homes.

    • Smart City-This technology is useful in the development of a smart city that has effective Traffic Management, Waste Management, Water Distribution, Electricity Management, and more along with permanent internet access.

    • Self-Driven Cars- Self-driving cars have several sensors and embedded systems connected to the Cloud and the internet. Moreover, this technology is useful in self-driving cars along with machine learning to facilitate informed decision-making.

    • IoT Retail Shops- IoT results in bridging the gap between retail shops and online stores. In addition, it allows you to pay your bills cashless by deducting money from your account.

    • Farming- The farming sector is one of the best uses of IoT as it requires tools and machinery for Drip Irrigation, understanding crop patterns, Water Distribution, drones for Farm Surveillance. Thus, improving the crop yields and solving farming-related problems.

    • Traffic Management- It helps in traffic management as it facilitates users to remain informed and improves traffic monitoring. In addition, it is also capable of analyzing traffic patterns. Thus, providing an idea of what might happen during peak hours.