5 Makeup and other Essentials that you will love to travel with

    Rahul Singh

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    The holiday season is about to begin, and you can’t wait to go on a vacation with your loved ones. While on vacation, you would like to explore new places, try new things and capture them on camera as a memory. You want to make the most of your vacation and look perfect for every snap. Your carry the best dresses and shoes in your luggage, but you are confused about what to carry in your personalised leather makeup bag. Not to worry, ladies! We have curated a list of makeup essentials to help you with your travel expenditure.


    • Moisturiser/Sunscreen: While travelling, you might have an idea about the weather condition of the destination. You must carry a moisturiser and sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. While buying a moisturiser, you should choose one that is comfortable for your skin. You should always check the SPF content in your sunscreen; the higher the SPF, the better the sun protection.
    • Foundation: The first and most essential step to start your makeup application is a foundation. Buy a foundation that fits your skin perfectly, and make sure that it has some SPF content. You should also carry a foundation applicator for better results. 
    • Eyeliner/Mascara: You can’t travel with your whole makeup vanity as it would be very challenging to carry around. You need essentials that can cover up the rest of your product. A stroke of eyeliner and brushing up your lashes with mascara can enhance the best features of your face in seconds. It is less time-consuming, and you are ready for every camera click.
    • Lip Balm/Lipstick: The skin on the lips is ten times softer and more delicate than your facial skin. It is equally crucial to take care of them by using lip balm. It should be a must in your customised makeup bag. You can carry some lipstick shades that would fit your dresses for the trip. You should look at your luggage before you grab one or two lipstick shades that fit every occasion.
    • Perfume: Perfume is not a choice; it is mandatory for you. You need to smell good and feel good while exploring new places. A perfume will help in setting your mood right when you feel low. You make sure to carry your favourite fragrance in your travel kit.

    I hope this listing helps you with your vacation packing. You should keep a separate pouch for your daily essentials and makeup essentials, as it will help you stay organised. You can also get personalised makeup bags from online stores like Initial Studio, where every travel essential is made according to your taste and choice. Go to their website and get your customised products now. Happy vacation!