Rahul Singh

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     Summers are for breezy, light and short clothes. Brighter colours, linen, ankle-length socks and iced lemonade. As Autumn dawns, it brings with itself a slight chill in the night breeze, a change of colour and hot chocolate.

    The styling needs change too, and we don’t want you to spend your money on a whole new wardrobe for an ever-growing, size-changing child. So we have a few suggestions on how to style your kid’s summer clothes for Autumn.

    These are bulletproof and every item can be found at Rookie USA store or the Rookie India Website. 

    1. Summer plaid shirts with denim jackets

    During the summer, Levi’s plaid shirt with denim shorts is usually the standard outfit for baby boys. This same shirt can be worn with a pair of Levi’s jeans and a denim jacket as the air gets chilly and the sun sets earlier. 

    2. The Female counterpart to this is adding the same Levi’s plaid shirt to your daughter’s favourite LBD or any dress she likes to wear.

    The Converse Chuck Patch dress is one of the most sold dresses. That dress is versatile - can be worn with sports shoes, boots, denim jackets and even a plaid shirt from the boys' section! 

    3. Trench coats over any summer outfit instantly turn it into an autumn favourite. Be it with a pair of denim shorts and a crop top, or jeans and a t-shirt - a trench coat is a money-saver.

    4. Adding warm leggings to your girls short outfits and pairing this with a pair of ankle-length boots is another way summer wear can be changed to autumn wear.

    A pair of short Levi’s denim shorts with a hoodie and warm leggings is an evergreen outfit which is pocket friendly yet stylish. This outfit can be worn with a pair of Jordan sports shoes or even boots.

    5. Replacing open-toe flats with chunky sneakers and Uggs is a game-changer for sassy little fashionistas. These, along with keeping your kid’s feet warm, also keep that personality warm. And a warm child is a happy child. 

    6. Cute stoles, mufflers, beanies and earmuffs are great accessories which work very well with summer outfits and jackets.

    These even look good on sports wear for kids! We see it on adults and we see it on youngsters - it looks great on everyone. Accessorising according to the weather has never gone wrong, and accessories tend to add layers to a person’s style statement. 

    7. Lastly, investing in rolled-up sleeve jackets and blazers is a new up-and-coming trend which has been passed on from adults to children. They give a debonaire look to boys and an elegant look to girls.

    They can be interchanged from boys to girls and worn over many layers. Wear them on jeans or dresses - the look it gives is always magnificent on a baby.