Global Ultrafast Lasers Market is expected to reach a market size of ~US$ 4 billion by 2028: Ken Research

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    Ultrafast Lasers are lasers, which emit optical pulses i.e. flash of light for an ultrashort duration such as picosecond (10-12 seconds) or femtosecond (10−15 seconds) time. There are different types of ultrafast lasers such as mode-locked lasers, titanium-sapphire lasers, and more which are widely deployed in consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace & defense, and industrial end-user industries for micromachining, bio imaging, and medical device fabrication purposes.

    According to Ken Research Analysis, the Global Ultrafast Lasers Market was valued at ~US$ 1 billion in 2017. It is estimated to be ~US$ 2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a market size of ~US$ 4 billion by 2028 growing with a CAGR of ~12% during 2022 to 2028.

    The adoption of ultrafast lasers for dimensional accuracy is driving the growth of the global ultrafast lasers market.

    • The degree to which a printed object matches the dimensions and specifications of the original file is known as dimensional accuracy.
    • The demand for dimensional accuracy devices due in consumer electronics, networking and telecom, transportation, and healthcare industries is significantly increasing.  The dimensional accuracy devices can help with better 3d printing of 3d medical devices, 3d metal, and more.

    Complications during the manufacturing of ultrafast lasers is one of the major challenges hindering the growth of the global ultrafast lasers market.

    • While the ultrafast lasers market is growing due to the demand for improved dimensional accuracy ultrafast lasers, other factors such as manufacturing complications, are likely to restrain the market growth. Several complications such as nonlinear effects during beam propagation and interaction process are making the overall ultrafast lasers more expensive, and slow the working.

    The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the growth of the Global Ultrafast Lasers Market, owing to the worldwide lockdown by governments, which led to the shutdown of production and manufacturing activities as well as the unavailability of workers in various industries. As a result, production showed a decline in the Global Ultrafast Lasers market.

    Key Trends by Market Segment

    By Type:  The Fiber Lasers segment by Type held the largest market share in 2021 of the Global Ultrafast Lasers Market.

    • The growth is primarily due to the high output power, high beam quality, highly efficient gain medium, and high reliability as compared to other lasers.
    • Fiber lasers are used to achieve light amplification in optical fibers, which contain rare earth metal ions such as ytterbium, neodymium, thulium, and more. These ions are able to absorb most light and emit photons at specific frequencies, which provide fiber lasers with better gain distance thus offering better quality and output.

    By Application: The Bio imaging segment accounted for the largest market share in 2021, and is expected to dominate its position during the forecast period.

    • The growth is primarily due to bio imaging’s specific ability to view any specimen in a 3-D structure without any kind of physical disturbance.
    • Bio imaging is the technique that allows non-invasive real-time visualization of biological processes i.e. zero involvement of any kind of instruments in the body.

    By Pulse Duration: The Femtosecond segment accounted for the largest market share in the Pulse Duration segment in 2021.

    • The growth is primarily due to the adoption of ultrafast lasers in the field of portable electronics, mobile phones, microprocessors, memory chips, and display panels.
    • In September 2019, Amplitude Laser has developed a Femtosecond GHz burst laser system that is capable of producing UV light which will improve the micro-machining outputs.

    By End-User: The consumer electronics segment accounted for the largest market share in the end-user segment in 2021.

    • The growth is primarily due to the rising consumer electronics demand and new technological advancements such as small size and fast processing speed.
    • As the size of electronics products is, now becoming more downsized, tighter dimensional tolerances are required in order to fit the components into ever-smaller form factors and support the growth of the ultrafast laser sector.

    By Geography: Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share among all regions within the total Global Ultrafast Lasers Market in 2021.

    • The growth is primarily due to the adoption of ultrafast lasers in automotive and consumer electronics end-user industries.
    • As the requirement for ultrafast lasers is growing in the electronics and automotive industries. This Asia pacific is anticipated to have significant growth over the course of the forecast period because of technological advancements and the presence of major electronics OEMs in the region, notably in countries like china and japan.

    Competitive Landscape

    The Global Ultrafast Lasers Market is highly competitive with ~200 players, which include globally diversified players, regional players as well as a large number of country-niche players each with their niche in Ultrafast Lasers technology. Large global players constitute ~10% of competitors, while country-niche players represent ~60% of competitors. Most of the regional and country-niche players are either components suppliers or assembling partners of global players. Some of the major players in the market include Amplitude Laser, Coherent Inc., DPSS Lasers Inc., TRUMPF, Ekspla, MKS Instruments Inc., Jenoptik Laser GmbH, IMRA America, Lumentum Holdings, IPG Photonics and among others.

    Recent Developments Related to Major Players

    • In February 2022, Trumpf acquired Active Fiber Systems which is the fiber laser-based company situated in Jena, Germany. This acquisition will help Trumpf to expand in living fiber laser technology, which is focused on industrial applications such as precision welding and additive manufacturing.
    • In April 2022, Amplitude Laser acquired MW Technologies, which is an optical fiber lasers developer based in Portugal. This acquisition will help amplitude lasers to improve their production ability worldwide. MW Technologies’ name has been changed to Amplitude Portugal thus making its 4thmanufacturing Unit and R&D center across the world.


    The Global Ultrafast Lasers Market is forecasted to grow exponentially with a CAGR of ~12% during the forecast period primarily driven by the adoption of Ultrafast Lasers for dimensional accuracy in the consumer electronics sector. Though the market is highly competitive with ~ 200 participants, few global players control the dominant share and country-niche players hold a significant share. Asia Pacific is the dominating region, owing to the adoption of ultrafast lasers in the automotive and electronics industries.

    Note: This is an upcoming/planned report, so the figures quoted here for a market size estimate, forecast, growth, segment share, and competitive landscape are based on initial findings and might vary slightly in the actual report. Also, any required customizations can be covered to the best feasible extent for Pre-booking clients, and the report delivered within a maximum of two working weeks.

    Ken Research has recently published report titled Global Ultrafast Lasers Market Size, Segments, Outlook, and Revenue Forecast 2022-2028 That is segmented by Type, Application, Pulse Duration, and End-User. In addition, the report also covers market size and forecasts for the four major regions for Global Ultrafast Lasers Markets. The revenue used to size and forecast the market for each segment is US$ billion.

    Market Taxonomy

    By Type

    Mode-Locked Lasers

    Titanium- Sapphire Lasers

    Fiber Lasers


    By Application


    Bio imaging

    Medical Device


    By Pulse Duration



    By End-User

    Consumer Electronics



    Aerospace & Defense



    By Region

    North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico)

    Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, and Rest of Europe)

    Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Rest of Asia Pacific)

    LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa)

    Key Players

    Amplitude Systems (Amplitude Laser)

    Coherent Inc.

    DPSS Lasers Inc.



    MKS Instruments Inc.

    Jenoptik Laser GmbH

    IMRA America

    Lumentum Holdings

    IPG Photonics