Global Door Entry Systems Market is expected to record a positive CAGR of ~9% during the forecast period (2022-2028): Ken Research

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    According to Ken Research Analysis, the Global Door Entry Systems Market is expected to record a positive CAGR of ~9% during the forecast period (2022-2028) and is expected to reach approximately US$ 14 Billion by 2028.


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    Key Growth Drivers

    The increasing demand for smart homes and having safer and more secure business & commercial premises is helping the market grow.

    • More and more residential and commercial premises understand the importance of having a secure environment with lesser risks from thefts and other safety concerns which is helping the market growth.

    The high upfront investments that are required for the installation of advanced door entry systems and solutions act as a constraint to market growth.

    • The low awareness levels among end-users regarding the complete benefits of the door entry systems and privacy concerns as well as data breach risks act as constraints for the market’s growth.

    The COVID-19 outbreak had a negative impact on the demand for door entry systems as manufacturing activities came to a standstill due to the imposition of the lockdowns. Even though there was some growth in demand in terms of contactless biometric tools such as face recognition tools but overall, the market suffered due to the pandemic.

    Key Trends by Market Segment

    By Product: The Card-Based segment held the largest market share in the Global Door Entry Systems Market in 2021.

    • The card-based access system uses smart cards which a person has to swipe at a security module that comprises a biometric sensor and an entry panel so that he can enter through the doors that have electronic locks.
    • The segment dominated the market because of its cost-effectiveness, reliability over the biometric readers, and convenience of use.


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    By Application: The Commercial segment held the larger share of the Global Door Entry Systems Market in 2021.

    • In order to prevent unauthorized access, protect assets, and people, commercial establishments such as hotels, entertainment areas, malls, departmental stores, offices, banking institutions, data centers, etc. are adopting the door entry systems which is helping this segment dominate the market.
    • Also, the door entry systems offer a safer and more cost-effective solution to these commercial users as compared to manned security systems.

    By Geography: North America accounted for the largest market share in 2021 within the total global door entry systems market.

    • North American region dominated the door entry systems market due to the presence of a large number of companies in this region, well-developed infrastructure, high awareness among the people, and growing demand for safe & secure systems.


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    Competitive Landscape

    The Global Door Entry Systems Market is highly competitive with ~300 players which include globally diversified players, regional players as well as a large number of country-niche players.

    Approximately, the large global players constitute 5%, the regional players 35%, and country-niche players 60% of the market by type of companies operating in the market. Some of the major players in the market include ABB, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, Honeywell International Inc., Siemens, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, IDEMIA, Legrand, Dormakaba Group, ADT, SALTO Systems, S.L. among others.


    Recent Developments Related to Major and Emerging Companies

    • In December 2021, IDEMIA deployed its first facial recognition, VisionPass, for access control for a large Japanese company in partnership with two technology companies SHODEN and Genetec. The integrated split-second contactless access control solution will be deployed at the entrance of the building of the client company.
    • In January 2022, Johnson Controls launched Istar Ultra G2 which is its next-generation door controller system that is targeted towards commercial establishments such as manufacturing facilities, data centers, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, etc. due to its ability to provide higher cyber resiliency and faster processing power.
    • In July 2022, Dormakaba Group announced its partnership with Schüco, a company dealing in smart buildings, doors, and windows. The combined entity wanted to work towards developing a door-integrated access management system and access control & digitization projects.


    The Global Door Entry Systems Market is forecasted to continue a stable growth that is witnessed during the forecast period. Key trends driving market expansion include the increasing demand for smart homes and having safer and more secure business & commercial premises. The market is highly competitive with ~300 participants concentrating on expansion strategies through product innovations as well as acquisitions, partnerships, and mergers.

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    Ken Research has recently published report titled, Global Door Entry Systems Market Size, Segments, Outlook, and Revenue Forecast 2022-2028, Market is segmented by product and application. In addition, the report also covers market size and forecasts for the four major regions’ Door Entry Systems Market. The revenue used to size and forecast the market for each segment is US$ billion.

    Market Taxonomy

    By Product

    • Card-Based
    • Video/Audio Systems
    • Biometric Systems
    • Others

    By Application

    • Residential
    • Commercial

    By Geography

    • North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico)
    • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Italy)
    • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, and Australia)
    • LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa)

    Key Players

    • ABB
    • Schneider Electric
    • Johnson Controls
    • Honeywell International Inc.
    • Siemens
    • Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
    • IDEMIA
    • Legrand
    • dormakaba Group
    • ADT
    • SALTO Systems, S.L.