Brazil Crop Protection Market Outlook to 2027F: Ken Research

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    Driven by the various initiatives by the government for increasing the crop protection industry and increasing focus on food security, the crop protection market in Brazil has ample growth potential in the coming years.

    Expansion of the industry: Brazil is one of the top-producing countries in the world for agriculture. According to the World Bank, Brazilian agriculture generated 261.6 million tons in 2022, ranking it fifth internationally in terms of value. Following the global trend, Brazil is experiencing a decline in arable land, which is further exacerbated by an expanding population. These two aspects help the market and spur demand for higher yields, which fuels market expansion. The industry is expanding as a result of the financial advantages that crop protection usage provides.

    Brazil Crop Protection Market

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     Changing climate and the Acceleration of global warming: The country's agricultural modernization has also spurred the market for crop protection to expand. The Brazilian market has recently been driven by consumers as a result of crop diseases and pest cases rising due to the changing environmental climate and the acceleration of global warming. On the other hand, the strict and constantly evolving regulations regarding the use of chemicals are having both a good and bad effect on the market. The market is negatively impacted by these new policies since they make it difficult for new firms to enter, but on the other side, they encourage the existing players to invest in R&D, which leads to a better product for the consumer.

    Bio pesticides in place of traditional chemicals: The growing public awareness of the use of chemicals on food products is a hindrance to industry expansion. Additionally, incorrect use of these goods has led to a rise in illnesses among end users. This is one of the major factors obstructing the growth of the market. To address this issue, the government organizes an awareness campaign among agricultural farmers to inform them of the proper application and quantity of the product. The shift in consumer behaviour toward health consciousness also affects the increase in demand for organically cultivated produce such as fruits and vegetables, for which farmers use bio-pesticides rather than traditional chemicals. As a result, Brazil is using fewer crop protection chemicals.

    Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Brazil Crop Protection Market Outlook to 2027F - Segmented by Type (Pesticides (Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, others) and Bio-pesticides (Bio-chemical pesticides, Microbial Pesticides, others)) by Crop Type (Cereal, Vegetable and Forage Crops) observed the potential of the Crop Protection Market in Brazil. The growing population, increasing focus on food security, increased investment in research and development along with government incentives are expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The Brazil Crop Protection Market is expected to grow at ~% CAGR over the forecasted period 2022-2027F.

    Key Segments Covered: -

    Brazil Crop Protection Market:

    Type of Pesticides:

    • Herbicides
    • Insecticides
    • Fungicides
    • Biopesticides
    • Rodenticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Adjuvants

    Nature of Pesticides:

    • Generic
    • Patented
    • Form of Pesticides
    • Liquid
    • Granules and Powder

    Market Structure:

    • Organized
    • Unorganized

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    By Source

    • Domestic
    • Import

    Type of Crops:

    • Pulses and Oilseed
    • Grains and Cereals
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Commercial Crops
    • Turfs and Ornamental

    Key Target Audience

    • Crop Protection Companies
    • Crop Protection Associations
    • International Investors
    • Chemical Companies
    • International Crop Protection Companies
    • Venture Capitalist Firms
    • Agrochemical Manufacturers
    • Raw Material Suppliers
    • Research & Development Institutes
    • Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities

    Time Period Captured in the Report:

    • Historical Year: 2017-2022
    • Base Year: 2022
    • Forecast Period: 2022– 2027F

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     Companies Covered:

    Crop Protection Company

    • Bayer SA
    • Syngenta Protecao de Cultivos Ltda.
    • BASF S.A.
    • Corteva Agriscience
    • FMC Corporation
    • Sipcam Nichino Brasil
    • Rotam Brasil
    • Arysta Lifescience of Brazil Ind. Qum.
    • Ltda.
    • Nufarm do Brasil Ltda.
    • UPL Limited

    Key Topics Covered in the Report

    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Overview and Genesis (Overview and Genesis including Market Stage, Market Nature and Growth Drivers, Business Cycle Graph)
    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Value Chain Analysis
    • Overview of Brazil Agricultural Scenario (Agricultural Overview, Contribution to GDP, Planted Area and Production, Mechanization Rate, Major Crops, Climate, Challenges and Sources of Credit)
    • Introduction to Brazil Crop Protection Market
    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Segmentation
    • Trade Scenario in Brazil Crop Protection Market (By Value, By Volume and By Countries)
    • Decision Making Process Used by Farmers before Purchasing Crop Protection Products
    • Trends and Developments in Brazil Crop Protection Market
    • Issues and Challenges in Brazil Crop Protection Market
    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Regulations
    • SWOT Analysis Brazil Crop Protection Market
    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Competition Scenario (Competition Scenario, Strength and Weakness, Market Share, Competition Scenario of Major Players)
    • Brazil Crop Protection Market Future Projection, 2022-2027F
    • Future Outlook of Brazil Crop Protection Market Segmentations, 2022-2027F
    • Analyst Recommendations

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