Understand React JS in just 5 minutes


Front-end frameworks and libraries are increasingly becoming a crucial component of the current web development stack. However, React JS is a front-end package that has progressively become the community's go-to framework for contemporary web development. For those new to web development or want to know what it is about, let's take a look at React, its uses, and how it impacts the development process. Alternatively, you can enroll in the React JS Training for a more advanced approach to learning its concepts and standing apart from the crowd.

What is React JS?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript framework and library created by Facebook. However, you can use this framework to develop interactive user interfaces and online applications that are fast and effective and requires less coding. Moreover, React allows you to build apps by generating reusable components, which you might think of as individual Lego blocks. These components are discrete elements of a final interface that, when integrated, create the whole user interface of an application.

Uses of React JS

List down below are the significant uses of React JS

      ● Easy creation of dynamic web application

Previously, you need extensive coding to develop a dynamic web page. Dynamic websites require the usage of particular HTML strings. Now, using ReactJS is no longer a problem. It leverages JSX, which has a specific syntax and enables HTML quotations and tags to render specific subcomponents. It also allows you to create machine-readable code and combine components into a single variable file.

      ● Increases Productivity & helps in the maintenance

The main advantage of React JS is the ability to reuse components. Even Facebook has adopted React because it allows for the reuse of system components. However, a developer can start with standard elements such as a checkbox, button, etc. Then, you may go on to wrapper components that include internal logic and make it easy to modify and specify the objects utilized. This assures application consistency and makes code maintenance easier.

      ● Ensures faster rendering with Virtual DOM

The framework on which an application depend determines its performance. It is one of the most significant variables to consider when designing a high-load application. However, modern engines cannot guarantee bottlenecks since the DOM (document object model) is tree-structured, and even modest layers can cause modifications. Thus, to address this situation, you may establish the Virtual DOM. ReactJS is best suitable for heavily loaded and dynamic solutions. It verifies all such implemented modifications to the virtual DOM.

Importance of React JS in development

There are multiple reasons to use React JS in web development. These reasons are as follows:

       ● Create Rich User Interface

Netflix is an excellent example of an organization that leverages React to develop interfaces that increase user engagement. Users may watch trailer previews from the mainstream and evaluate extra information owning to the React front-end technology. The focus of rich user interfaces is on responsiveness and interactivity.

      ● Flexible

React is adaptable. Once you've mastered it, you may use it to create high-quality user interfaces on a wide range of platforms. Moreover, React has evolved into such a great tool because of its library approach. React was built with a goal in mind, i.e., to construct web application components.

      ● Broader Community Support

Another convincing reason to choose React JS is the availability of a large community. However, getting started with a new development tool might be intimidating if you don't have the necessary assistance. Fortunately, this is not happening with React. Not only is React an excellent tool for prominent corporations, but it also has a sizable community.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the uses and importance of React JS. This overview may help you understand React JS in a few minutes. So, by looking at them, if you desire to have a course in a similar domain, we suggest you undergo React JS Online Training from any reputed institute.