Bio-Based Lubricants, Government Initiatives and Rapid Growth in Construction Sector are expected to provide a boost to the Mexico Lubricant Market: Ken Research

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    The Mexico Lubricants Market is moderately consolidated, with the top companies occupying major share. The major players in this market are Bardahl, BP Plc (Castrol), ExxonMobil Corporation, Roshfrans and Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Mexico’s Lubricants market is expanding as a result of increasing automotive sales, a rise in research and development in the sector, marketing activities, and also strategic partnerships and collaborations with other players.

    • Engine oils form the leading product type is dominating owing to their high-volume requirements and low drain interval. They are used for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.
    • The expected recovery of commercial vehicle sales and production in the country is likely to drive the demand for transmission oils during the forecast period.

    Surging demand for bio-based lubricant: In the near future, it is projected that the market would grow due to the introduction of cutting-edge lubricants with superior features, like bio-based lubricants. Some of the biggest manufacturing businesses have already introduced a number of novel lubricants. The market will have many new potentials to grow as a result of the rising demand for eco-friendly and bio-based lubricants. The lubricant market is expected to rise significantly in the next years due to the increased demand for lubricant that is made using non-toxic, renewable materials that have low Sulphur levels.

    Growth of end-user industries: The industry's expansion is anticipated to be fueled by rising demand from Mexico's automotive industry as well as the expansion of end-user industries like construction, manufacturing, plastics, machinery & equipment, and metallurgy. The need for lubricants in the nation is also anticipated to increase in the future due to the adoption of higher-quality synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants. The Mexican lubricant sector is anticipated to boost spending on R&D, marketing, and strategic alliances and partnerships with other participants, OEMs, and auto insurance in order to expand market penetration.

    Favorable Government Initiatives: Government policies like the promotion of bio-based lubricants are driving growth in the Mexico lubricant market. The Mexico government has implemented various policies and initiatives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of lubricants. One of these initiatives is the promotion of bio-based lubricants, which are derived from renewable resources and have a lower environmental impact than traditional mineral oil-based lubricants. For instance, the government is offering tax breaks and other incentives to companies that produce or use bio-based lubricants, with the goal of increasing the adoption of bio-based lubricants in the country.

    Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Mexico Lubricants Market Outlook to 2027F- Segmented by Origin (Mineral, Synthetic & Semi-Synthetic), By Lubricant Type (Automotive & Industrial), By Automotive Lubricants (By Product Type, By End-Users & By Distribution Channels) and By Industrial Lubricants (By Product Type, By End-Users & By Distribution Channels) by Ken Research observed the potential of Lubricant Market in Mexico at a rebounding stage from the economic crisis after pandemic. The rising government policies and rapid industrialization, trade agreements and foreign investment along with government initiatives is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to grow at a ~% CAGR during 2022-2027F owing to the rise in economy of the country and new government policies.

    Key Segments Covered in the report:-

    Mexico Lubricant Market

    Mexico Lubricants Market Segmentations

    By Type of Lubricant:

    Industrial Lubricant

    Automotive Lubricant

    By Grade of Lubricant




    Mexico Industrial Lubricants Market Segmentations

    By Type of Industrial Lubricant

    Hydraulic Fluid


    Gear Oil

    Metalworking Fluid

    Others (Turbine Oil, Compressor Oil, etc.)

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    By End Use of Industrial Lubricant

    Construction and Mining

    General Manufacturing

    Metal Production

    Power Generation

    Food Processing

    Others (Agriculture, Medical, etc.)

    By Distribution Channel

    Dealer Network

    Direct Sales Premium

    Unorganized Sector

    Mexico Automotive Lubricants Market Segmentations

    By Type of Automotive Lubricants         

    Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

    Passenger Vehicle Motor Oil

    Transmission Fluids

    Hydraulic Oil


    Gear Oils

    By End Use of Automotive Lubricant

    Commercial Vehicles

    Passenger Cars

    Motor Cycles


    Others (Aviation, Railways, etc.)

    By Distribution Channel

    Dealer Network

    OEM Workshops/Service stations/Local Workshops

    Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets


    Key Target Audience:-

    Lubricants Manufacturers

    Lubricants Distributors Refining Companies

    Construction and Mining Industry

    General Manufacturing Industry

    Metal Production Industry Base-oil Companies

    Additive Companies

    Metal Production Industry

    Power Generation Industry

    Food Processing Industry

    Agriculture Industry

    Medical Industry

    Automotive OEMs

    Automotive Dealerships

    Government Agencies

    Consulting and Advisory Firms

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    Time Period Captured in the Report:-

    Historical Period: 2017-2022

    Base Year: 2022

    Forecast Period: 2022-2027F

    Companies Covered:-


    BP PLC (Castrol)

    Chevron Corporation

    ExxonMobil Corporation

    Mexicana de Lubricantes S.A. de C.V.



    Royal Dutch Shell Plc

    Total Energies

    Valvoline Inc.



    Key Topics Covered in the Report

    Mexico Industrial and Automotive Overview

    Ecosystem, Business Cycle and Genesis Mexico Lubricants Market

    Market Sizing Analysis and Segmentation of Mexico Lubricants Market, 2017-2022

    Mexico Industrial Lubricants Market Segmentation, 2022

    Mexico Automotive Lubricants Market Segmentation, 2022

    Industry Analysis Mexico Lubricants Market

    End User Analysis of Mexico Lubricants Market

    Competitive Framework of Mexico Industrial and Automotive Lubricant Market

    Future Market Size and Future Segmentation of Mexico Industrial and Automotive Lubricant Market, 2022-2027F

    Market Opportunity and Analyst Recommendations

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    Mexico Lubricants Market

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