What are the top 8 MERN Stack Projects for Beginners?


The MERN stack development framework is a prominent full-stack development framework. Most developers want to become full-stack developers since they may freely create an end-to-end program and have more and sharper skills than other developers.

Do you want to improve your practical understanding of MERN stack development? What tasks can you complete to showcase your MERN stack developer proficiency? We will answer all these queries in this detailed article. Alternatively, you can enroll in the MERN Stack Training, which will make you aware of its advanced concepts and help you to gain proficiency as a MERN developer.

MERN Stack: Meaning

Using MERN Stack and a JavaScript stack, you can launch Full-stack web applications quickly. However, the MERN Stack includes MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. These technologies help to accelerate and improve the development process. All four robust methodologies offer a complete framework for developing MERN stack open-source applications such as internet apps. The top four technologies that combine to form MERN are as follows:

      ● MongoDB

The "M" in MERN stands for MongoDB. It is the database layer for a MERN application. Moreover, MongoDB is a No-SQL database that helps to store back-end applications.

      ● Express

Express is a layered framework responsible for the structure and functionality of the back end. Moreover, Node JS lays the base for the Express framework. It enables faster development of Node-based Web apps.

      ● React

React, an open-source toolkit created and provided by Facebook, allows the development of a user interface on a single-page web application.

      ● Node JS

Node.js is an open-source back-end JavaScript execution technology that works across several platforms. However, the Node.js V8 engines are in charge of running JS code outside of a web browser.

MERN Stack Project Ideas for Beginners

There are several full-stack project ideas for beginners on the MERN stack. As a result, we've selected a few intriguing starting projects for learning full-stack web development.

      ● Travel Log App

This full-stack web application will allow users to share their trip experiences with a community of other travelers. In addition, this app will allow users to:

  1. Examine other people's travel experiences.
  2. Include their own experience
  3. Travelers might add several aspects to an event.

      ● To-Do List

Making a To-Do List is a common MERN-stack task. Thus, you must create a website where clients can add and delete any task from a database. This project will cover concepts like authentication, CRUD, databases, and others.

      ● Media Player Application

It is one of the most basic MERN stack projects you can make. Thus, create a media player application to investigate song shuffle, playlist functionality, media player API authentication, toolbar statistics, header, music search, footer style, and other features.

      ● Chat Messaging Software

Independent messaging applications have become less popular nowadays as social networking sites with built-in messaging functions have expanded in the industry. Although it does not connect the industry requirements, it is an excellent learning MERN stack application example.

      ● E-Commerce platform

 One of the most popular MERN stack project ideas for the novice and seasoned developers is an e-commerce site. This project might be for a new or current business. This e-commerce system may perform several duties, including purchasing used items at a discount, restoring them, reselling them for a profit, and selling clients brand-new products.

Moreover, the website must display either used or new items that are actively for sale. Furthermore, the e-commerce gateway should enable consumers to register and create profiles. Thus, you may use this project to demonstrate a flawless MERN stack website.

      ● Food Delivery Apps

This application should make it easier for restaurants and customers to communicate with each other. Restaurant owners must be able to register and display their meal options and charges. Also, customers should be able to register, browse nearby eateries, and place orders with them.

Moreover, takeaway orders should be confirmed by restaurants and assigned to a delivery rider. Furthermore, the consumer who requested meals should be able to track the delivery riders.

      ● News Application

The need to access recent news grows with the advancement of digitalization. Users can easily submit their news within the app owning to the software. Also, users may add images to their articles to make them more aesthetically attractive.

      ● Weather App

A weather application may be an excellent ReactJS project with only a few hours of coding required. We can utilize bogus data for this application till all features are correct. As we build this weather app, we can learn about connecting to external APIs and showing pertinent information.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the main projects of the MERN stack, which may help the novice and professional to become competent in this technology. Also, it will allow the candidates to learn MERN. So, if you wish to start your career in this domain, enroll in the MERN Online Course.