The Bahrain Catering Industry has grown steadily in the last five years due to the rising focus on healthier meals during the Covid-19 pandemic: Ken Research

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    The Covid-19 pandemic posed challenges for the Bahrain Catering Market, but post-pandemic the industry is expected to bounce back as things go normal.

    Bahrain Catering Market Overview: The Bahrain Catering Market is growing steadily and is currently at the growth stage due to the rising adoption of automated kitchen in catering services, surging focus on healthier meals and rising tourism in the nation. The Catering Market in Bahrain is highly fragmented with many players. The major parameters that these players focus on to stay ahead of their competitor is quality of food and brand reputation.

    Impact of Covid-19 on the Bahrain Catering Industry: The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the Bahrain Catering Market in 2020. In order to curb the virus' exponential spread, the authorities instituted recurrent lockdowns and stringent mobility restrictions that prohibited individuals from utilizing public dining facilities. Due to the ban on public gatherings and the consequent postponement of events like weddings and business meetings, the catering industry suffered enormous financial losses. While 2021 displays a phase of slow market recovery for the top companies in the Bahrain Catering Market, the upcoming years hold lucrative potential.

    Increased Demand for Healthier Meals: People across the country started paying greater attention to their health and inclined towards more nutritional and healthy food when Covid-19 affected their immune systems. The escalating demand for nutritious and healthy food in workplaces, schools, and restaurants, is encouraging the catering companies to increase their current product and service portfolio and supply nutritional dietary foods in offices, college messes, restaurants, etc.

    Adoption of Automated Kitchen: Caterers have started to adopt automated kitchens. Caterers need to be able to handle large workloads with a demand for variety of products. The best way to achieve this is to fully automate with robots that can easily change tasks and adapt to different products. The biggest requirement for them is speed, with robots being able to change between tasks in seconds. Accuracy is also needed to guarantee quality, and safety is required to protect humans from harm. Robots are also the most cost-effective. These reasons have contributed to the increased adoption of automation in commercial kitchens.

    Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Bahrain Catering Market Outlook to 2027F – By Type (Contractual and Non-Contractual), By End User (In-Flight, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Corporate and Others) observed that Bahrain Catering Market has shown considerable growth in the last five years. In the upcoming years, it is predicted to expand more rapidly due to rising adoption of automated kitchen in catering services, surging focus on healthier meals and rising tourism in the nation. The Catering Market in Bahrain is expected to grow at ~% CAGR over the forecasted period 2022P-2027F.

    Key Segments Covered in the report:-

    By Type



    By End User


    Oil & Gas






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    Key Target Audience

    Government Bodies and Regulatory Authority

    Fintech Companies

    Investors and Financiers

    Venture Capitalist

    New Market Entrants

    Banks and its Subsidiaries

    Existing Catering Service Providers

    Time Period Captured in the Report:-

    Historical Period: 2017-2022P

    Base Period: 2022P

    Forecast Period: 2022P-2027F

    Companies Covered:-

    Promoseven Holdings

    United Caterers and Contractors

    Mohammed Jalal Catering


    Food City

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    Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

    Bahrain Catering Market Overview

    Bahrain Catering Market Segmentation

    Ecosystem of Bahrain Catering Market

    Market Share of Major Players in Bahrain Catering Market

    Industry Analysis of Bahrain Catering Market

    Value Chain of Catering Market in Bahrain

    Key Growth Drivers of Bahrain Catering Market

    End User Analysis of Bahrain Catering Market

    Key Challenges of Bahrain Catering Market

    SWOT Analysis of Bahrain Catering Industry

    Future Outlook of Bahrain Catering Market

    Trends and Development of Bahrain Catering Market

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