WPiAM’s Global Certification Scheme - What Is It?

The World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) created the GCS, or Global Certification Scheme, as a framework to support its goal of "Globally recognised Asset Management credentials."

Along your professional asset management journey, receiving recognition for your knowledge, talents, and expertise in asset management against a global standard offers a plethora of advantages.

GCS is a framework for asset management professional credentials alignment to which professional organisations, post-secondary institutions, and training organisations worldwide might eventually align.

The WPiAM members hope that by introducing this framework, they will be able to coordinate global efforts to develop, evaluate, and recognise competence in asset management as well as to establish a system of quality assurance while respecting the need for application variation based on each region's history and culture in the development of this evolving professional field.

The WPiAM will oversee the procedure for determining how certain credentials stack up against one another. The organisation that owns the certification scheme that has been accepted will be in charge of managing the procedure to recognise people' accreditation to any of the WPiAM framework credentials.

Each credential will need to show proof of education and skill in real-world application. We'll make more announcements as information develops.

The three-level certification structure offered by the GCS or Global Certification Scheme has been designed around the primary Asset Management functions.

The Level 1: Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM)
The Level 2: Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM)
The Level 3: Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM)

CSAM - Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management

This qualification is suitable to professionals (or their expert advisers) who are in charge of developing, maintaining, and managing the deployment of a comprehensive and integrated AMF throughout a sizable portion of the organization's business, guided by the strategic goals of the organisation.

CPAM - Certified Practitioner in Asset Management

The practitioners (or advisers thereto) who are in charge of establishing, maintaining, and managing the implementation of a Domain of AM that is important to the organization's AMF across a substantial area of business are eligible for this certification. The strategic objectives of the organisation must both inform and be informed by this framework.

CTAM - Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management

This certification is suitable to individuals who are Proficient in the application of particular and crucial actions within a pertinent AM domain that are necessary to deliver on the organization's AM objectives.

Asset management experts wishing to progress their careers and enhance their capacity to support the success of the organisations they work for can take advantage of the Global Certification Scheme, or GCS.

With the use of this competency-based programme, businesses will be able to ensure that the people they hire anywhere in the world have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to implement asset management concepts in a variety of situations.

Certification Agencies

These member organisations have been acknowledged as authorised to offer certification that is in line with the Global Certification Scheme by World Partners in Asset Management.

  • JAAM
  • Asset Management Council
  • Abraman

Contact our Association Manager at [email protected] if you have any enquiries about how you or your organisation can get involved.

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