Ways to prepare your children for IB Program

    Rahul Singh

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    Education has become as essential as breathing for every child, and parents want their children to have the best education to excel in their careers and future. The Indian education system has different education boards for every state and every child that caters to their education needs. Some popular boards like CBSE, IB, CISCE and State Board are every parent's first choice, but if parents want their child to study abroad and have a career worldwide, they should opt for International Baccalaureate for them. 


    The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a program for kids between the ages of 3 and 19, focusing on the excellent quality of education and simultaneously building their personalities. Most IB schools in Delhi and other major cities have four levels of education curriculum; prior year, middle year, diploma year, and career related-program. Before parents enroll their children in IB schools in Delhi-NCR or any other city, they must prepare them for the IB school. These points below will help their kids to be ready for the pressure and expectations they will go through. 


    Choosing the subjects: In the IB program, students must take up six issues from these six groups; Language and Literature, Art, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and Language Acquisition. These courses are also categorised into two levels; Higher level and Standard level. All students must have three subjects at a higher level and three under the standard level. Students get a list of topics before they join their semester, giving them the time to think and decide which subject they want to choose to help them with their future. 


    Organising subjects: Once they decide on their matters for their term, they need to have the plan to study their subjects. They need to organise it according to the difficulty level, and the time they need to prepare for the examination. They should concentrate on the most difficult subjects first and the easiest last, allowing them to stay focused on every topic and giving them time to prepare for the exams. 


    Refreshing the English language: When the students join the IB program, English is their first language. If students come from a non-English speaking background, they need to learn the language. There are many ways that students can learn English with fun, like talking with their peers, watching English movies with no subtitles, and reading story books or student magazines. IB schools also have international languages, which they can choose according to their interest and future preferences. Schools like The Shri Ram School, one of the best IB schools in Delhi-NCR has options of choosing Indian and International languages in their IB diploma programs, which makes it more accessible for children to establish their careers on the world stage with keeping their roots intact. 


    Extra-Circicculam Activities: Every school must have an extra-circicculam activity in the program to help the students with their creative minds and academic excellence. Sometimes, the passion for their hobbies will give them a better direction to pursue their dreams of following their passion. These activities are crucial for every student as they relax them from academic pressure and help them have a clear mind. 


    The International Baccalaureate is an education board that will help your child reach skills and excel in life, but they need to prepare themselves for the challenges that come to them. These points will help them prepare for the upcoming challenges and enjoy their school life to the best of their ability.