A 10-month baby food plan

    Simran Kashyap

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    Your baby is growing rapidly, and he has reached ten months. It is when your baby has started to walk around slowly, has teeth, and can sit straight without support. You must have already begun with solid foods for them, like mashed dal rice and small pieces of apple and banana, but it is crucial to include all the nutrients and vitamins in their daily diet plan to fulfill their overall nutritional requirements. Do not discontinue breast milk; you can introduce new ingredients in their food chart. 


    Various baby food products in India, like Slurrpfarm, reduce your time and provide healthy food to your babies. Still, you should also add food items, like fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, pulses, and dairy products can be part of their daily diet. Don't force anything on them. Let them take their time to adjust to the foods, but you can make some incredible 10-month baby Indian food recipes for them to experiment with their taste buds. It will help you understand your baby's taste and preferences quickly. Here is a diet plan for your 10-month baby that will add health and flavour to their regular diet. 


    Early Morning: Breast Milk

    Breast Milk is highly essential for your ten-month-olds. It provides them with a high amount of nutrients and vitamins that are vital for your baby's brain and body development. It is highly crucial to continue breastfeeding till your baby turns one. 


    Morning Breakfast: Multigrain Spinach Dosa

    Breakfast is an important meal of the day, and it has to be healthy and tasty for your babies. Spinach has water that keeps their body hydrated and can protect them from liver diseases. Moong dal has high protein for skin, hair and body muscles. Foxtail has fibre that keeps your baby fuller for long hours, and chana dal helps overall development.


    Multigrain Spinach Dosa



    ½ packet SlurrpFarm Spinach Multigrain Dosa Mix

    ½ cup curd

    ½ cup water

    Ghee for brushing


    • Take a bowl and add the dosa mix and curd. Mix well till it turns into a paste. 
    • Add water gradually and mix well until the mixture is smooth enough to pour into the pan without lumps.
    • Take a dosa tawa and brush the ghee on it. Add the batter and give it the desired shape.
    • Cook it on both sides and remove the dosa on a plate.
    • Serve hot with jaggery powder or butter on the side, and let them enjoy their breakfast. 


    Mid-morning: Mashed Banana 

    Banana is filled with potassium that purifies blood, keeps the lungs strong and helps in better digestion for babies. 


    Afternoon Lunch: Curd Rice with Spicy Sweet Potato 

    Curd is an essential dairy product that is a must in their diet. It enhances overall digestive health and is excellent for bone health. Sweet potatoes are critical for your baby's eye health and have other vitamins necessary for their development. 


    Curd Rice



    1 small bowl of Cooked Rice

    1 tbsp Curd

    2 tsp Milk/Water



    • Mix rice and curdle in the bowl and make a homogeneous mixture. 
    • Add milk or water in case the mix is too thick.


    Spicy Sweet Potato



    ½ Sweet Potato, steamed and diced

    A pinch of salt

    A bit of cumin powder


    A pinch of chilli powder

    A dash of lemon juice

    1tsp coriander leaves chopped for garnish



    • Add all the above ingredients to the bowl and mix well
    • Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and serve it with curd rice. 


    Evening Snack: Apple cut into small pieces

    Apple is excellent for babies as it has antioxidants that protect gut health and helps with inflammation. You can give them in puree form, perfect for constipation issues in your little ones. 


    Night Dinner: Ragi Porridge 

    If you want to add superfoods to your baby's diet, start with ragi porridge. It has ample amounts of calcium and fibre and is easy to digest for children at night. The fibre content will keep their stomach full for longer hours, giving them a good night's sleep.


    Ragi Porridge



    3 scoop Slurrp Ragi Porridge mix  

    150 ml water



    • Take a small tea utensil and add water to it. Let it come to a slight boil.
    • Add the ragi powder and stir well. Mix continuously to avoid lumps.
    • Cook it for 2 minutes and remove it immediately when thickened. 
    • Serve it immediately 


    Introducing solids to a 10-month-old baby can be a fun and exciting experience for both parents and the baby. It is important to offer a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to support their growth and development. Consulting with a pediatrician and following safe feeding practices can help ensure a successful and enjoyable feeding journey for the baby.