Private Education in Malaysia is in its nascent stage but has huge potential to grow- How will Private schools grow? Ken Research

Private Sector accounts for 75 % of the total schools in pre-primary education market of Malaysia

 1. Multi-Lingual Teaching-Learning Environment in Private Schools in Malaysia has made the Nation a Centre of Educational Excellence for K-12 Education.

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Personality development, using Malay correctly, developing skills, practicing Islamic values for Muslim students is all included in the learning pedagogy.

Acquiring strong reading, writing and arithmetic skills and Mastery of these skills is reinforced and emphasis is given to building a strong foundation in content and basic science.

Increase the level of proficiency in Bahasa Malay and English Language promote general development by helping students acquire knowledge and stay competent.

Students develop broader base of intellectual capacity, self-confidence and skills in order to cope with new areas of study and technological knowledge. The ultimate goal is to develop a strong foundation for life-long education.

2. Private Sector Accounts for 75 % of the Total Schools in Pre-Primary education market of Malaysia.

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  • It is estimated that 95% of the primary and secondary school education in Malaysia is provided by the government while the private sector plays a more important role at pre-school and tertiary levels.
  • Private Schools play a major role in shaping children’s future in the early age by focusing majorly on the Pre-Primary Education level.

3. Malaysia Private K12 Education Market Expected to Reach around RM 20 Bn by 2026 due to Increasing Preference for primary Schools

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Malaysia Private K-12 Education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~5% due to increasing number of Malaysian families choosing to enroll their children in their local international schools, most enrolling them from early years on and some joining for Secondary Education.

Primary School Market Size is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of ~7% followed by secondary schools (6.5%) and others (6%).