How to Confidently Shop Custom Made Fine Jewelry for Your Engagement

As a material symbol of your love, the perfect engagement ring can be difficult to find. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’ll find a ring that perfectly suits your future fiancée’s style while also genuinely expressing your true love is to find a quality designer and embark on a custom made fine jewelry journey to your one true love's dream ring.

How to Confidently Shop Custom Made Fine Jewelry for Your Engagement

There are many things to consider when ring shopping for your engagement… diamond vs. colored stone, cut of the stone, size of the stone, which setting is practical yet still the stunning ring your fiancée deserves. Custom made fine jewelry experience will provide you with personal access to an expert on all of these things and more. Your wish is the designer’s command. Of course, you must find the right designer for your custom made fine jewelry. If you’re thinking of shopping bespoke engagement rings, it’s a good idea to know some basics so you can paint a picture for your potential designer and make sure you’ve found the right fit for you. Here are just a few tips…

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1. Featured Stone(s): Know your Options

In today’s modern world of color, diamonds aren’t your only option. Emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires are featured in many beautiful engagement rings. A few other rare colored gemstones to know are garnets, tourmalines, and spinels, all of which come in a variety of stunning hues. If you’re drawn to color, enter the world of rare colored gemstones and find your perfect match based on your story and style.

How to Confidently Shop Custom Made Fine Jewelry for Your Engagement

2. Learn about Synthetic Stones and Treatments

Normally for your high-end, fine jewelry engagement ring, you’ll want a natural center stone. Not a synthetic, “man-made” center stone. The simple way to ensure this is just by saying upfront that you’d like to create a bespoke ring with a natural-colored gemstone (or diamond) and not a synthetic stone. Once you’ve ensured the stone is natural, you then need to become aware of any enhancements the natural stone may have been subjected to in order to enhance its beauty. Some treatments are totally acceptable, such as heat-treated rubies and blue sapphires, while others like irradiated diamonds are more questionable.

Different stones can have different types of treatments. Ask your designer about it as quality jewelers might refuse certain treated stones as a matter of policy. It’s important to know whether a stone has been altered by humans in any way other than the ordinary cutting and polishing. Fine-quality, natural and untreated gemstones are the rarest and most valuable stones available so they will come with a higher price tag.

3. Be Aware of a Few Standard Ring Settings

The most classic ring style for the more traditional or minimalist bride is the solitaire setting featuring one large center stone taking all of the focus. For a more iconic statement ring, you can choose a set with three stones (one center stone and two side stones) or even with two stones and remove the expected symmetry you normally see in engagement rings. Then, of course, there’s the halo setting with one large stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones.

How to Confidently Shop Custom Made Fine Jewelry for Your Engagement

Custom engagement rings are for those who are independent-minded, looking for a ring that truly tells their own love story. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for as far as color, quality, and style of your ring is concerned, you can work with a designer to add your own twists and build the engagement ring that expresses your unique love story. Enjoy your custom made fine jewelry journey and happy shopping!

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