What is React Native?


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    React Native is an open-source framework for mobile app development and it was launched by Facebook on March 26, 2015, which is almost 4 years ago. Since then it has got many updates and it has become a favorite choice for the developers. Today, some of the top tech giants are using it like Skype, UberEats, delivery.com, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vogue, Bloomberg have turned towards React Native for iOS and Android platforms.


    Now, it is time to get down to the reasons why to choose React Native for Mobile App Development:


    • It works under tight budget constraints


    Money always plays an important factor in business. Especially when you are about to start a business and want to achieve fast returns to thrive in this tech space. And to thrive, one has to develop faster and stay longer. This is the reason to choose React Native for app development, as it saves time and money. 


    • Offers cross-platform mobile app development


    It empowers the developers to use the same code for developing both Android and iOS applications. So one can expect the same performance level without any additional charges. With React Native, you can design a mobile application for businesses belong to multiple domains.


    There are no different languages like JAVA, Swift, C++ or any other is no longer required. A JavaScript developer with native UI library, API’s and hybrid mobile app development.


    • Multiple outcomes and suppleness under one undemanding solution


    Development with React Native empowers developers to perform complex tasks by using simple codes. This framework uses the UI library created by Facebook to make more straightforward codes for implementing and executing ReactJS.


    • The Primary code base for Android and IOS makes things straightforward


    The foundation level programming uses the same code for both OS, iOS and Android. The process of a recompilation of apps also becomes easy without any changes in the framework at any level you want.



    • The journey from transforming a web page to the mobile app is super easy


    The presence of fragmented modules and intuitive code make the react-native interface clear. It makes developers empowered enough to understand the sequence of codes that run by the application. So basically you don’t need to have a developer team to keep accessing the app.


    • It runs like a native app


    All sorts of codes are comparable with React, for both iOS and Android. With a handful of institutions, it functions relatively more efficiently and reacts faster to all conjunctions. When compared to other cross-platform mobile app development and android frameworks, it allows faster execution to increase the agility of the app.


    • Key Takeaways


    We hope you guys had all the answers related to React Native App Development. As per our best of knowledge, we have tried to highlight every point which provides you the clarity on why to opt for React Native App Development. So if you want some further clarity and roadmap, click on the link to get in touch with us:



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