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DNA is complicated even for medical practitioners, let alone for patients. However, this building block of every living being is the deciding factor how medicines work their magic, how food is absorbed and contributes to growth and how the environment causes any change in our bodies and wellbeing. Along with genetic testing, genetic counselling is important to understand these subtleties of the body and how one can lead a better, healthier life.

It’s not to say that genetic testing is a futile exercise. But it’s part of the puzzle. To be wholly useful,reports must be analyzed and interpreted by a trained counsellor. Someone who can understand the family health history and in perspective of the person’s genetic test reports present advice and guidance on questions that are posed. This is where TruGeny truly shines. With an advisory board comprising some of the best minds in medical science and genetic research, they offer online counselling services that can be availed of from any location. Wondering about getting a test done first? But do you know why you need a genetic test? A session with TruGeny’s genetic counsellor can let you know if such a test is required or not.

The point of getting a genetic test is not to cover all bases, it is to affirm if the counsel provided can aid you further in making better life decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.

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