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    | Yarabook | We have to celebrate every occasion of life with a fanfare and full of spirit. Well, if we are talking about occasions, engagement is definitely one of the delightful occasions. And the most important thing in engagement is our engagement ring. Your engagement ring should not only shine bright, but it must reflect the facets of you and your partner's personality. Today, many couples tend to design their engagement ring to represent the love of their relationship. They know they will wear that ring everyday, so they want to put their soul in it. 


    So, we have come up with some of the design ideas which you can follow to design your own engagement ring


    Start a bit early


    Some of the customised rings can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months to be ready. So be sure that you have enough time to complete it. 

    Have Inspiring Images on Hand


    You can take ideas from anywhere. May you like the band on some ring, setting on the second one, and color stone on the third one. So you can clubbed those all ideas, make a visual of how they will look combine by keeping all the elements in mind. 


    Find a Jeweler Whose Aesthetic can match your ideas


    You can always ask for the best of the jewelers from your friends, relatives or even from your partner. But don’t always go by the famous name, check their work. Sometimes the best of the professionals can’t match your expectations. So go to all the names, see their work, may you find the Contemporary engagement rings in their collection. 


    Choose your Metal 


    However, most of the people like to see their engagement made from Yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. But this is the end. You can choose the metal you want to be used in your ring. So basically, it addition to these cliche choices, you can consider rose gold, titanium, and or may be a blend of metals. 


    Select a Special Stone


    Always follow your heart when it comes to choices in occasions like these. A saying is popular in this context which follows that logic fall by the wayside and allow instinct to lead the way in selecting a stone. All things have their own charm and unique way to glitter. The best thing to do is to hide all the specs and choose with your heart."


    Always check on a Sketch and Wax Model


    When your ring is ready to enter into the last stage, please make a quick check on some sketch or wax model. Once you approve the design, your jeweler will turn into the final product as per your requirements. If possible you can ask your jeweler to provide a computerised version of the half-done design. 


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