Calorie diet for weight loss

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    The calorie is a unit of energy measurement, used to express what foods and drinks contain from energy, how much people consume during exercise and exercise, and unlike most people's view of calories, calories are necessary for human health by consuming the appropriate amounts of his body, Most weight loss diets reduce the amount of calories consumed as well as increase physical activity to reach the ideal body. The number of calories the body needs per day The body needs the equivalent of 1200 - 1800 calorie per day to maintain the health and activity of the body, so that the process of metabolism within the body properly because the amount of calories if you say it affects the health and lead to damage and breakdown of the body's various tissues.

    When should calories be burned?
    If the body weight is less than one hundred kilograms, you can lose between half and one and a half kilograms of your weight per week. If the body weight exceeds 100 kg, you can lose weight by one kilogram and a half to three kilograms a week. You can burn more calories by playing different sports four or five times a week. Exercising helps burn about 700 calories.

    Calorie diet
    You should know that losing weight quickly leads to gaining weight again also quickly and therefore do not rush to lose weight and follow a healthy diet so as not to lose your health with weight loss, and below we offer you calorie detail.

    First day
    Breakfast: a piece of cake + a small cup of skimmed milk + and a fruit after 3 hours.
    Lunch: Grilled steak + small pasta (boiled only) + salad
    Dinner: egg + quarter of a loaf of bread.

    The second day
    Breakfast: 1 cup fresh juice, pineapple or orange juice + 1 cup yogurt + 3 hours snack.
    Lunch: grilled meat + quarter loaf of bread + salad plate.
    Dinner: Three pieces of triangular cheese + one-quarter of a loaf of bread

    The third day
    Breakfast: an egg + quarter loaf of bread + fruit (preferably banana or apple)
    Lunch: a quarter of chicken + boiled potatoes
    Dinner: small tuna + 1/4 loaf

    The fourth day
    Breakfast: small cup skimmed milk + corn flakes + fruit after three hours.
    Lunch: grilled steak + small pasta + boiled salad
    Dinner: Bean + salad dish

    The fifth day
    Breakfast: half a cup of skimmed milk + half a cup of tuna + 2 carrots
    Lunch: quarter kilo grilled fish + rice + salad dish + 3 hours fruit.
    Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + a quarter of a loaf of bread + half a cup of skimmed milk.

    The sixth day
    Breakfast: Toast with honey + apple fruit and fruit of any kind after three hours.
    Lunch: a boiled pasta dish + salad dish
    Dinner: boiled egg + quarter of a loaf of bread + half cup of skimmed milk.

    The seventh day
    Breakfast: Toast + 2 pieces of triangular cheese + fruit
    Lunch: Piece of a small pizza.
    Dinner: a piece of white cheese + beans + salad + fruit.


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