Superhero Fit Workout Move of the Day: Oblique knee lift pendant

    Abdulaziz Sobh


    To get the superhero body you've been fighting, start spinning.

    You'll have to do a bit more than that, of course, but this high-power training movement has to do with the pull-up bar. The oblique lifting of the hanging knee is easy to perform, but it will work a ton of muscle groups and leave your center burning.

    Don Saladino Ryan Reynolds and the film preparation coach Sebastian Stan and one of our favorite followers on Instagram use the movement when he leads his clients to the superhero form due to his deceptive utility.

    "Hanging the oblique knee increases the work to build the abs from the hanging position, improves grip strength and scapular stability, and points to the obliques [the side of your abs] instead of the rectum [the front of your abs] ], "Saladino told Menshealth. com.

    To perform the movement, simply find a pull-up bar and hang it with a pronated grip (above). Turn your hips to raise your knees up to your waist, lifting them to the right side of your body. Pause for a moment, then lower to the starting position. Repeat the movement on the left side.

    While the oblique hanging knee lift is a great exercise in itself, it is also a useful exercise to develop strength for other essential movements of strength training. "A strong grip and crunches will also be necessary for many of the major lifts we love, such as deadlifts, shifting weights and heavy loads," Saladino said.

    Add the oblique lift of the hanging knee to your workouts as a warm-up or central finisher, starting with four sets for eight repetitions on each side. To move the focus towards the rectum, the front part of the abdominal wall, simply raise the knees up to the waist. If you want an additional challenge, go through the three positions (left, center, right) once to count a repetition. Do four sets of eight to finish the training.

    For more superhero building moves, you can check out Saladino's full program.

    If you're training at home and you're in the market for a pull-up bar, look at these options.




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