How To Lose Weight Properly? in These Ways


At first, it is important to understand that weight loss is a complex process. To succeed, there are no magic solutions, but there are already solutions that will ensure maximum success by combining them together.

A common question for trainees is, "How can I reduce my belly?" Or "How to reduce thighs?" To clarify, there is no such thing as "local weight loss." Cannot remove fat only from a certain area! So abdominal exercises certainly will not "soften" the abdomen! True, it will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, but as long as layers of fat remain above it, they will stay there even if you focus on abdominal exercises.


Eat breakfast daily: Did you know that eating breakfast every day helps to speed up the metabolism in the body, therefore recommend that you eat breakfast daily if you are rich in fiber and protein.

Changing unhealthy eating habits: Avoid as much as possible harmful eating habits such as gout, eating junk food permanently and others. You can replace harmful foods with more healthy foods, for example, you can eat fruit instead of chocolate and others.

Reducing the amount of food: Reducing the amount of food you eat is one of the most important conditions for weight loss. If you want to get the desired results, do not forget to reduce the amount of food you eat even if it is healthy food.

Exercising on a daily basis: You cannot lose weight without exercising every day. We recommend that you walk for at least half an hour a day to maintain your fitness and vitality.

Getting rid of bad habits for a long time without going back to it after weight loss: Do not adopt bad habits again after weight loss, because it will negatively affect you and will make you regain again the weight you lost.

Nutrition experts have confirmed that foods containing fructose and low glycemic index carbohydrates are the best foods that help burn fat fast. Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index help slow carbohydrate and carbohydrate metabolism and gradually release glucose in the body, and help to continue exercising for longer periods without feeling tired or tired. Dieticians are advised to eat the following foods regularly before exercising two hours.

Eggs are one of the most important foods that you should eat before exercise, especially as it is rich in protein as I contain 1, 1 gram of carbohydrates are foods that decompose slowly and then help to burn fat faster.

Brown Bread
The brown news of foods containing complex carbohydrates, so it takes two to three hours before digestion. Eating any type of protein, especially eggs, with a piece of brown bread helps to gradually supply the body, thus helping to exercise longer, which means burning more fat.

Oats are foods that must be eaten before exercise, especially because it contains complex carbohydrates, as well as contain the fibers that feel the body full for a long time, as well as digesting slowly with the supply of energy gradually and thus helps to burn the Don better.



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