Recipes For Quick Weight Loss in a Week


Weight gain is one of the problems that many men and women experience around the world. They try in all ways and means to lose weight quickly by taking drugs that are more harmful than slimming, and various slimming processes such as stretching, liposuction, Of the expensive methods, we will learn in this article on natural ways and easy to get rid of excess weight in a week with the need to strictly follow them to give the desired result to lose weight healthy loss.

You only need to eat a balanced diet with the slimming recipes we offer, while it also requires drinking plenty of water to eliminate the accumulation of body fat better especially not to eat parallel foods between meals.

In order to achieve more efficiency and even faster results, we also recommend that you exercise a bit in parallel with the recipes we will give you in this article:

So what are the quick slimming recipes in a week?
Recipe coconut oil for slimming:


In the 1970s and 1980s, saturated fat was highlighted in the spotlight as a major cause of obesity. The health alternative called for by research, which contains unsaturated fat, is coconut oil.

It also contains a unique fat called triglycerides that help you use energy (also known as calories) more efficiently.

Coconut oil contains "mac", which is actually saturated fat, but what distinguishes it is to determine how we treat our body. The "mac" is not broken down at the bottom of the intestine, so the body does not store it immediately as fat.

Instead, it is absorbed by the liver, where it is used as energy. Thus, using coconut oil as a healthy alternative to oils can be a good option. In addition, coconut oil will serve to fill the appetite incredibly.

Make sure that you can raise your energy levels whenever you are more energized, and exercise for the sport. In 2010 the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition also found that coconut oil can help promote metabolism and reduce appetite.

You will need:
2 tablespoons of cold coconut oil
How to eat:
For two times a day, you should take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. You can eat it before, during, or after a meal. It can be considered an alternative to olive oil.

Recipe for yogurt and honey for slimming:


This recipe can be eaten for breakfast / as an awesome snack. Probiotics in milk The wonders of the digestive tract work and maintain the healthy balance of your body. When the digestive system works smoothly, your body will digest food better, and thus will get rid of the retention of an additional kilogram.

Honey is a healthy addition to satisfy any intense desire you feel in eating. The nice thing here is that you really feel full when you eat. For a better result of slimming during the week try eating low-fat yogurt.

You will need:

A cup of yogurt
A tablespoon of natural raw honey
How to eat:
You can take this recipe in the form of a snack or breakfast, add honey to the flavor. Feel free to try adding fresh fruit or even oatmeal to a little variety.

Black pepper recipe and lemon juice for slimming:


Black pepper contains a natural chemical compound called Peppering, which is responsible for giving it a pungent flavor. Several new studies have shown that peppering can interfere with genes that control the generation of fat cells.

As well as reduce the levels of fat in the bloodstream and promote the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Lemonade can help digestion to slim down within just one week.

You will need:
Separate sprinkles of ground black pepper
Half lemon juice
fresh water
Method of preparation and handling:
Mix lemon juice with water and sprinkle with black pepper. Drink it once a day after a meal.


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