Weight loss: common training and diet Two and should not take into account

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Weight loss is not easy, it is a sum total of several factors. Some people are simply lucky to have a good metabolism. No matter what they eat, their body can burn everything. And then there are people for whom losing even a kilo is a gigantic task due to their medical condition or medication in progress. However, in most cases, excessive weight gain is largely the result of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Light to moderate exercises is a crucial part of losing weight. If done correctly, the exercises can improve your physique, body movement, joint strength and much more. But people tend to make small mistakes in their body's posture while they exercise, which can even damage their health, experts say.
    Aashish Chaudhry, Administrative Director and Orthopedic Surgeon, Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital has pointed out some of the errors:

    1. Drop the knees: this can cause a knee injury due to the strain on the knees generally when doing weightlifting exercises, such as squats. The knees should be bent outward to avoid stress. In addition, squeeze the lateral muscles of the hips to prevent the knees from bending below the weight.

    2. Raise your elbows too high in the bench press: This puts pressure on the shoulders and causes injuries. It also makes the exercise more difficult since the bar has to travel a longer distance. It is best to keep the elbows close to the chest to reduce stress on the shoulders and improve the chest and triceps.

    3. Take small steps when attacking: this places the knee in front of the front foot exerting pressure on the knee. Instead, you should take larger steps and push the heel on the floor to make sure that your knee does not move in front of the heel.

    4. Running on your heels: this tires you easily. It also shakes the ankles, knees, and hips, which could eventually turn into shin splints, knee pain, and other leg injuries. It is better to run on the balls of your feet to absorb the impact.

    5. Bad neck positions: people tend to look down or forward when doing squats, push-ups or deadlifts. This forces the cervical spine. It is best to pack the neck, point down, make a double chin and keep it that way while doing squats.

    Archana, the trainer, Anytime Fitness, lists some suggestions:

    1. Always take a light breakfast half an hour before exercising, since an empty stomach can make you feel dizzy and lethargic.

    2. Stretching and warm-up are mandatory before exercise to avoid any injury.

    3. During the exercise, it is recommended to lift heavy objects only with the instructions of the trainer.

    4. The exercise must be in the limit and according to the capacity. Overstressing can do more harm than good.

    5. After the exercise, it is advisable to warm up and stretch.
    Here are some common diet mistakes to keep in mind:

    1. Not all fats are bad: discarding any food group would be a big mistake. Fats are essential for the functioning of the body. A balanced diet is a key to losing weight. Include good fats like cheese, avocado, and ghee in your diet.

    2. Try to have 90 percent of your food at home: it's hard to resist the temptation when you're out. Try and have most of your food at home. Since homemade food is not only made with good quality ingredients, you can also keep track of your portion sizes.

    3. Eat fruits on fruit juices: it is always a good idea to eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juices. The fruits are full of fiber. Fruit juice can make you lose fiber.

    4. Do not skip breakfast: breakfast literally means 'break' the 'fast'. It's the first meal you have after your eight-hour sleep; therefore, it plays a very important role in your metabolic rate. Skipping breakfast can allow you to binge later in the day. Make sure your breakfast is rich in protein and fiber so that it is well sated until lunch.

    5. Maintain portion control: eat everything, but in smaller portions. Be smart about what you eat too. Increase the size of the portion of the nutritious food on your plates such as vegetables or dal, and cut your dessert in half.

    Take note of these tips and shed kilos in a healthy way.