Are you considering a wellness retreat? 6 reasons why you should reserve it as soon as possible

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    When I had the opportunity to go on a wellness vacation with my best friend, I took the opportunity. We boarded the plane from Michigan and flew to Hilton Head Health in the charming state of South Carolina. While the driver was driving us, part of me wanted to go on vacation to the beach where we had elegant cocktails and ate fatty foods, instead of a health break where the gym instructors asked us to keep our tables longer.

    Before the wellness trip, I was reasonably healthy. I would do my best to eat well and exercise during the week, but weekends were another story. I wasted drinks, fatty foods and many desserts. I come from a family that loves to eat, and I had no idea what portion control meant.

    While I was curious and excited about the wellness trip, I was very nervous, too. Now that I have returned to normal life, I can firmly say that it was an experience that changed my life. If you plan to take a trip soon, here are some reasons why you can consider a healthy vacation.

    1. The team's environment is incredibly motivating. From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere in our resort was warm and welcoming. The guests walked sweatily and smiled proudly of themselves for kicking the ass and eating well. The staff embraced us as if it were the fifth time we visited, almost as if we were family. During classes, we all collided with each other, regardless of where we were on our healthy journey.
    2. There are so many kinds of exercises, you will not have an excuse. My friend and I tried everything: weight training, yoga, aerobics in the pool, Tabata, stepping, Pilates and even learning to stretch correctly. These classes of gymnastics revitalized my body and rejuvenated my soul.
    3. Food? It's good. At our first meal, I was stunned by the elegant dining room of the complex. Not only was my Asian rice bowl delicious, it was also filling up. All the meals were freshly prepared, tasty and satisfying. I grew a new understanding of how much food I should really eat for my body type. They did not deny us anything, either. It was not a "carbohydrate-free" kitchen where all the food was raw. We could eat healthy snacks throughout the day and even enjoy the occasional dessert. I finally learned how to enjoy the right amount of food that my body needed to use as fuel. . . a crazy idea called portion control.
    4. Cooking classes are also on the menu. The health center offers cooking classes so we can learn to prepare healthy meals in the comfort of our homes. I even tried some of the recipes in my own kitchen, and they taste as good as the chef said they would.
    5. This is the type of vacation that leaves you with energy. That old saying "I need a vacation from my vacation"? Yes, we do not feel that way. Throughout our time in our wellness vacations, we rent bicycles and breathe on the beautiful island. Instead of letting the sun burn us all day while we drank sugary cocktails, we enjoyed the beach for a couple of hours while we ate almonds. It was not the picture of vacations in the past, but it sure was much healthier and even more enjoyable.
    6. Learning does not stop when you leave. Since we've been at home, my best friend and I texted our meals keeping each other at bay. We talk about our weekly training plans and we encourage each other just like the Hilton Head Health staff did.
      Our wellness vacations that changed our lives gave a boost to my health and exercise routine and made me realize that life is too short to not take care of my body. I learned that vacations do not have to be full of drinks, sunbathing, eating too much and absorbing every experience that can come home with a new and healthy mentality means much more. So, if you are starting to plan an exciting vacation, consider allowing yourself one in which your mind and body will thank you.