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    Tiago costa

    0/5 stars (0 votes), What a tricky word. I bet everyone in their life has fallen in love with someone at least once in their lifetime. Whether you are an unemployed student or an employed employee. And I'm also a casualty of a similar event like this. so, here I'm trying to write all of my experience of this adventures journey till now.

      It all started when I first got into college. It is not a college perse. It is a university. And I came to this college because I didn't have enough marks to take admission to another university/college and I'm kind of glad that I didn't get admission in any other college. First, let me tell you a thing or two about this university.
      This university contains two campuses. Main campus where all the activities and other things held. let's call this campus A. And another campus is just opposite side of the road(exactly...), Where I took admission(let's call that campus B). Not that I want to but they throw me there. and I don't know why? and after 1st year they increase my fees. So, college life is good. Our university is one of the most prestigious universities (sarcasm....) as you all know by then. I cannot mention the name of my university or the name of any people due to privacy issues. So, she is studying in campus A and in the totally different stream(related to medical). This is a university so, there are plenty of different streams in it. So, some of you guys might wonder how do you know her? (FYI: I know her pretty well.).

      My university is 30 kilometres away from my home. So, the university provides bus service, so I travel to my university through the bus. And she also comes in the same bus, intrigued. I was a shy person but not anymore, so I didn't see much on the bus stop. As days past by, I started noticing things and then I notice her. She is one beautiful girl. A couple of time she sits beside me and it was nice. days ago and I asked my friend(let's call him X) to ask about her name because he lives near her. And he did. after a day or two, I send her a friend request on facebook and she accepted. I was really happy because after school it was the first time a girl accepted my request after seeing my face or my behaviour. Well, then I send her a follow request on Instagram and she accepted and followed me back. Then I thought, why don't I message her on FB... So, I messaged her. I said "Hi". she replied back "Hi". Then I said "How are you ?" she replied back "fit and fine, wbu?? " and I said, "I'm handsome".Here are a tip guys, if you don't know a girl or she doesn't know you, then don't introduce her to your humour yet. Because I did and it was pretty bad. It's the first time, so it's alright I guess. So, I messaged her again. And this time is different and how? you'll see. the second time I said, "Hey!!" (acting cool).She replied back(SHE REPLIED) "Hi". I said "how are you?", she replied back, "fine wbu?". This time I didn't say I'm handsome But I replied back, "I'm smart".
    seriously, don't show her your humour. I thought, after that, she'll block me or she won't talk to me at all. But she did. I messaged her on Instagram. But this time it is genuinely different. This time I said, "Hey!" she replied, "hi". I said, "I want to talk you something important". she replied, "Han bolo(Yes. speak)". I said, "answer me seriously because it is important." She said, "han(yes)". Then I said, "Kya thumhare toothpaste me namak hai(does your toothpaste contains salt)". It is a very popular Colgate advertisement. You know, I don't have the words to express my feeling. I tried to unsend the message but it can't. Instagram has the feature of unsend the message but it doesn' work. I think it is one of the limitations of  Instagram. I only message her on the weekends, So if I do anything like this, I don't have to show her my face at least for 2 days. But, After all this, she didn't block me or anything because my friend tries that tactics on someone, man... she blocked him after telling him that he is a 'madarchod'. so, you see, how awesome is she. So, as days past by, I noticed her every single day in a way that she won't know. Even if she knows what can she do.

     One day, I was on the on my way back home from college in the bus(as I mentioned before). I sit on the last seat because it was empty and at the leftmost corner, she is seating. Her bag is between me and her. After sometime she picks up her bag and put it on the left side. And she slight move towards me. Honestly, the Best feeling after a long time. A boy comes out of nowhere and sits between us. And I just want to RIP his heart out but I control my emotions and took a deep breath and you know what was the most beautiful part is when he sits between me and her she picks up her bag and put it where it was before. And after he goes out of the bus I moved slightly towards her and she again puts her bag again to her left and moves slightly towards me. A normal person would talk and say hi, how are you and all. But I ain't no normal person. When I see towards her, I blanked. There are no words coming out of my mouth, not even a formal 'Hi'. I don't know what to do. so, I moved back to where I am. We didn't talk and I can't even see her. so, I decide that I talk to her in the morning.

      Next morning, I'm on my way to the university. I entered last in the bus, so I that way I know where she is sitting. So, I can sit next to her. How clever? hmmm... I entered the bus I sat next to her. Again, she put her bag on the left and slightly moved towards me. That day, If I didn't actually fall in love with her, after seeing her I actually did. She looks classy, alluring and splendid. Her eyes glow, her lips are too good to be kissed and in her smile, I see something more beautiful than stars. She was the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life. And her complexion is just awesome. After sitting next to her I again get blanked. I can't say anything. I just want to see her all day but the problem is I can't. Not because she has to go to her class but because she will think that I'm a creepy person and even if I have a chance, I didn't get if I do that. Then, for a couple of days, she kept doing that. I tell my friends about the little situation I'm having, What they say it ruined my day. They say She does that because maybe the sunlight hit her or because of the wind. And if you see, they are correct. But, for me... She does that for the reason. but when I reached home I saw myself in the mirror and I know that it is definitely because of the sunlight or the wind. But after a couple of days, when I sat beside her she didn't move. She didn't even see me. Maybe it is because she thinks I'm ignoring her or maybe the wind and the sunlight won't be disturbing her anymore. After 2 days, A person on my bus-stop asked me about my handsome incident. I'm surprised, "how did he know?", I said to myself. Then, I came to know that almost everyone on my bus knows about that incident. But, at that point of the time, I became fearless and I overcome the fear of being shy because of my family issues. It didn't matter to me whether they know or don't know. I  know from that person, who asked me about my handsome accident, that another boy asked him to tell me that He said and I quote, "usse dur rh warna tere liy aacha nhi hoga, mere raste se hat ja."(stay away from her, you don't know what can I do to you). Now, he has more confidence that I have on me, that I can steal her from him. And I come to know that she doesn't even have a boyfriend and she is not even interested in that boy. Literally, I was happy that she talks about me to someone and that someone sees me a threat to him. ROFL! LOL! LMFAO!. A really close friend of mine(let's call him Y) said to me once and I think it is true, "GIRLS LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE" because of my complexion and btw my complexion is dark. Whenever he says that word I get pumped but When I see my face in my friend's college hostel mirror, I say to myself "tujhse naa ho payega". Some say I look handsome and some say I look "chutiya" and that some are my friends. If any person is unable to understand the meaning of some word, they can see that on google translator because it feels nice in the way it is.

    Recently I met her at the festival called NAVRATRI. It is a traditional Gujarati festival. so, she is in the traditional Indian attire and she looks captivating, tempting, gorgeous and hot and I was clean shaved not even a stubble. Man, I look like a widow. I'm with my friend X(as I mentioned above) and his girlfriend. They both are very talkative. so, they started to talk to her and when they were talking to her, my friend X yells my name as you know by then And she looked at me and said, "Hi Tiago" and I replied "Hi". Then I said two words, "ba-hut sundar"(check google translator). She replied me back, "Thank you". I forgot to mention that she has a sweet voice and also sings. After that, I'm standing there and admiring her beauty. Could she be any more pretty? (Chandler). After she was gone they told me that, they were just laying the groundwork. And all I can think of is her pretty face. Then the day after that, We met again and we were talking and everybody is handshaking so I thought this is a good chance. so, I stretched my hand and nothing, she didn't even see it. And the nice thing is no one else also did. I silently say goodbye and didn't tell anyone about this incident.

    "Ek tarfaa pyaar bakiyon jaisa nahi hota h
    isme hum roz jitt te hai aur
    roz harte  hai"

     As you know by then that she is beautiful and hot. You may think that, Is she even worth it? Dude, Maybe not for you. For me, she is worth it. You know if I, and she becomes a couple in future. We would be called "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST". Everything about her is beautiful. If she is wearing an ugly dress, She even makes that dress beautiful. For me, she is nearly perfect. She didn't have the "attitude" problem. Maybe I depict like that but a girl like that has to have a little attitude. It suits her.

      In the end, I just wish she read this, not through me but through anyone else. And I wish she figures out that it was me. And if she doesn't it's alright! alright! alright!.

    "ek tarfa pyaar ki takat tum nhi samjhogi,
    Ye bakiyon ki tarah do logon me nahi bati hui hai,
    ispe sirf mera haq hai.... sirf mera"
    "You can sacrifice and not love but you cannot love and sacrifice"

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