10 Steps Before Getting A Personal Loan


If you are looking for a personal loan, you should think carefully and follow the steps below to ensure that you have a personal loan that suits your needs and finances.

Loan amount
First of all, you need to determine the size of the loan appropriate to your needs, because borrowing more than you need will cost you more, and borrowing an amount that is not enough to cover these needs will not achieve the purpose of the loan.

Loan repayment period
It is very important before choosing a loan to know your financial capabilities and how much you can repay the monthly loan installments. It is true that choosing a short repayment period reduces the cost of the loan, but you may be subject to default if monthly installments are not commensurate with your income.

Review credit report
Your credit report must be verified to review all credit products you have received and your credit status, which is one of the criteria that the lender is considering before accepting or rejecting your application. If the debt burden is less than 33.33% for the employee and 25% for the retiree, you will have a greater chance of obtaining a new loan.

Identification of loan offers available
As with any product, you should make a little effort to identify the types of loans available to banks and licensed finance companies either by contacting customer service or through banks' websites or even websites that provide information and compare banking services and products. Determine the right loan for your needs by looking at the terms, fees, and cost.

Check loan announcements
Many banks and finance companies conduct personal loan marketing campaigns and promote the best rate of interest, but before you apply for any loan you have to check the validity of these ads and compare the offered features and interest rates with other banks, so you will be able to choose the right loan at the lowest rate of interest.

Conditions for obtaining the loan
It is very important before applying for a personal loan to verify the terms of obtaining a loan. Most banks grant approval for funding after the eligibility requirements are met, including minimum monthly salary and debt burden rate less than 33.3% for the employee and 25% for the pensioner, The company you operate in is listed in the bank.

Do not over-borrow
Some apply for multiple loans at the same time to secure one, but they are surprised to approve two loans at the same time they do not need it.

Sign up for an insurance program
It is preferable to participate in an appropriate insurance program that will help you pay the loan installments if you encounter any unexpected financial surprises that may affect your income, such as loss of employment or injury.

Early repayment fees
You should inquire about early repayment fees, you may be released financially and become able to settle the loan with the bank, to avoid its cost. It is therefore very important that you have full knowledge of the early repayment cost which is usually estimated at three months.

The credit card may be waived
Tread Before You Apply For a credit card placement as one of the options as it may be a successful alternative to the loan often. Especially if the goal is to cover certain obligations such as purchases and school fees for their children and others. Where the credit card may provide an appropriate credit limit to carry out these purchases in addition to the installment of the amount on several months without interest or a small fee. Thus you can save on the cost of obtaining the loan as administrative fees and interest.


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