How to Get Straight Hair Without Losing Volume

    Tyler Thompson

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    To make straight hair work, start with a new conditioner. Dry your hair and spray the conditioner right up in your hair. Allow the conditioner to soak into your hair thoroughly.

    Now take a towel and use it to buff your hair. Use your fingers to grab small sections of your hair to buff the hair upwards. You want to make sure that the moroccanoil moisture repair conditioner is soaked through the roots, though.

    Once you have all of the sections that need buffing, sit down and let your hands just slide down over the towel. Make sure that the sections of hair that you are buffing are completely dry. Then begin to use the fingers to move the section of hair up and down and away from your scalp.

    You want to start with the section that is closest to your scalp. When you are applying pressure to the hair, be careful to not bend the section that you are working on. This can cause permanent damage to your hair and scalp.

    It is always important to start with the smallest section first. Even if you've been working on the hair for several days, it will be important to start with the smaller sections of hair. A small section of hair will be easier to work with than a large section of hair.

    Once you have a small section of hair you want to work on, use your fingertips to gently stroke the hair upwards. It is best to start at the centre of the hair and pull each hair back towards the root. Continue to pull each section of hair towards the roots.

    This will cause the hair to become straighter. You can also use this method of pulling the hair back towards the roots by using your fingertips or a comb. Do not try to pull the hair in one continuous motion, though.

    Once you have pulled about half of the hair back towards the roots, it is time to cut that halfback off. You want to cut the hair only at the root. Any loose ends should be removed before you cut it.

    Once you have cut the hair, it is time to work on the ends. Using your fingers again, start at the root and pull each section of hair up and away from the root. This will flatten the ends and make them appear to be lusher.

    As you work your way up to the largest section of hair, you can start working in one small section of hair. After a few sections, you will notice that the hair has become smoother and evener. You can then start working with a smaller section of hair.

    Remember, if you are not getting the volume that you want, do not fret. It is very possible to have a bald spot on top of your head. The only solution to that is to leave the hair alone and try again later.


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