What Are The Duties of The Lawyer?

The lawyer has a growing role in increasing his legal responsibility and varies according to the type of cases he is handling. But the basis of responsibility is legal protection and defense of the right, using all methods and means that reveal the face of truth in the case in question, including the pleadings and various memoranda and requests to the judicial body concerned. Each lawyer has the right to highlight the face of the right he sees and presents his opinion, which is believed to preserve the rights and reduce the risks to his clients, whether in writing or in contracts and agreements that work on the preparation of drafts or in the provision of legal advice to his clients. In general, the lawyer has many and many roles that must be the safety valve for his client and his guide to justice.

Nature of Lawyer's Work:
In fact, the work of the lawyer revolves around the contracts of the work does not go beyond the framework only the nature of the task required of the lawyer performance is to adjust the contract held by the client with the lawyer with the exclusion of always the virtue of the work of the source of the lawyer and as is known, the basis of virtue is material work only.

In order to understand the nature of the lawyer's work, it must be analyzed. The lawyer's work is not homogeneous. In addition to the task of representing clients before the courts, he provides legal advice, either orally or in writing. To the total amount of work in light of the proportion of the amount of compensation and I will look at each task on the one hand and later I will examine the status of the lawyer and then the practice of the nature of the work of the rest of the lawyers who were named in the agency.

From this and from the reference to the books, we find that the contract with the lawyer to represent the litigants is an agency contract, not an undertaking. This does not injure the argument that the lawyer is independent in carrying out the tasks entrusted to him and thus approaches the contractor. His actions choose the appropriate ways to defend his client and contractor is a fair for profit and loss The lawyer will be entitled to all the expenses spent on behalf of his client in addition to that the contractor works in his name and does not represent the employer unloading contractor is not a deputy to the consignee in receipt of the goods, Receive it or Lawyer and thereby acting on behalf of his client account also raised the lawyer's actions to go off his client's actions either raised him as the contractor assigned to the contractor work material that limiting trade based on the physical work of the business enough to deny the real agency and the phenomenon it.

The work of the lawyer in representing the litigants is a legal action without affecting the material acts that he performs to carry out the legal action. The agent's duties may include material acts such as demanding the debtor to seek and seek the debt, but these material acts are part of the legal acts entrusted to the agent. That his main task is to capture the religion.

As for saying that the lawyer's work in representing the litigants is a contract of work, he states that the worker is subject to the supervision and subordination of the employer. He works under direct instructions from him or his representative, not only in terms of general supervision but also in terms of implementation to determine the method of work and its time and place. The employer shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures stipulated in the Labor Law. As for the agent, although he is presumed to be subject to the orders and instructions of his client, he reserves his freedom and independence in carrying out the task assigned to him.

The work of the lawyer is close to the contract of employment in the case of the client who directs his agent in every small and large and leave him no room for diligence and personal opinion and we notice a large number of them in our lives of the process of the clients who write the notes and prepare defenses and the role of the lawyer only a reporter between them and the court if The agent shall have the obligation to implement the Agency within its prescribed limits and not to depart from it. This restriction shall not be denied the status of the agent unless the restriction reaches the extent of depriving the agent of any freedom.


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