Bananas Diet For a Loss of 7 Kilos in one Week

Bananas Diet For a Loss of 7 Kilos in one Week

Bananas are not only the best fruits to eat during the diet but also the essential source of potassium, magnesium and various vitamins that are important to your body's health.

Bananas diet


  • Three grains of bananas.
  • Three cups of skimmed milk.

How to prepare:

Three tablets of the right size banana are taken daily with three cups of skimmed milk and the three meals should be divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner with plenty of water.

And bananas, in general, is characterized by a combination that makes the person when he eat feel full and milk will extend the body proteins needed by the body and this method helps the person to get rid of one kilogram of fat a day and it will recover the body from disorders of the digestive system and Eliminate bulges, but this method of harsh methods so it is advised to repeat more than a week every two months.

Conditions of bananas:

- Before starting this method should refrain from eating salty and saturated with fat and fries a week before, taking care to eat water significantly.

- You should drink plenty of water especially when you feel hungry or thirsty.

- Dinner not later than 8 pm.

- You have to go to bed before midnight, early sleep is very important in this diet.

- Eat fresh bananas only and not canned or dried.

How does this system help you lose weight?

Bananas contain a large amount of dietary fiber that remains in the intestines for a long time and therefore feel full for a longer period, and give the body calories necessary for him gradually and thus burning these calories regularly and not stored in the body and turn into fat.

Fiber also contributes greatly to improving digestion, detoxifying the body and improving digestive function. It also helps you to fill and feel fuller for a longer time.


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