Apple Dieting for Weight Loss

Apple Dieting for Weight Loss

Green apple has long been recognized as a symbol of health and healthy nutrition, and the shape of the apple has always been associated with different diets and diets. So what secret connects them? Is there really a big role for Apple in slimming and weight loss?

The benefits of apples are numerous and contain strong anti-oxidants and important in strengthening the immunity of the body and the prevention of diseases, and benefits that belong to all members of the body may have made over the years a symbol of nutrition and health and associated, and perhaps its role laxative of the digestive system fiber-rich, which also helps to increase the sense And its effect on the metabolic processes in the body, and the lack of calories, as the one apple by size contains 80-100 calories and of course does not contain any fat, which is why it is associated with diet and weight loss.

Surely you have heard about apple cider vinegar? Is it really effective dieting that we are looking for to lose weight?

Apple's diet is a five-day diet. It is said that it is possible to lose 4 kilograms. The most important condition is that it is preferred to use green apples as the basis for most meals, because it is less sugar than other types, focusing on low-fat protein eating and lean meat, Keep away from pans and desserts, and drink water at least 8-12 Cuba a day.

Negatives of Apple Dieting:

- Apples may be characterized by low calories and clarity of its components and times, which makes it easy to follow but is very poor in many foods.

- Do not contain enough calcium through the exclusion of milk and its derivatives. Several studies have indicated that the body burns fatter when it gets enough calcium. Calcium supplements alone will not be helpful in treating the problem.

The diet is based on a scientific and correct basis, so that it suits the person according to his health and medical condition, and takes into account the proper conditions of any correct diet program in terms of balance and diversification and its coverage on all groups of nutrients.

- Do not repeat meals in it, it consists of three main meals only and poor, it is known that this method weakens and slow down metabolic processes.

- Continuing such a diet alone without follow-up for a long time may lead to exhaustion of the body and debility.

- Rapid weight loss again leads to a rapid increase and a doubling of weight.

- The increased amount of fiber may lead to diarrhea and gas.

The categories that are forbidden to follow this diet forever:

- Pregnant women.

- Lactating.

- Children.

- People with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


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