Dieting For Weight Loss Without Sport

Dieting For Weight Loss Without Sport

Fast dieting to quickly lose weight and get rid of excess weight is a lot of looking for. Is there a fast diet to really lose weight? What is the benefit of rapid dieting? Can a fast diet program save you excess weight quickly and in a short time? What are the quick diet warnings? Does fast dieting prevent weight regain?

There is no doubt that there are many looking for a way to lose weight quickly in a short period, especially before the advent of a close and want to wear some clothes and want to lose a few kilograms, which makes them looking for quick or sometimes rapid dieting as a single solution to lose weight, but there is a lot of damage that may be exposed During rapid diet application.

Fast diet depends on the consumption of a small amount of calories that result from eating by reducing the size of meals or number and rely on a small amount of food, which harms the body where the body loses a lot of energy because of the loss of vitamins that improve the process of vital in the body, which affects the body The girl thinks that applying a fast weight loss diet will always work with her. She sees weight loss quickly during the first few days of the diet and does not realize that the weight was not fat but rather a lack of body fluids while the fact remains unchanged. The body to increase the tit Decorate the fat again.

The rapid damage to the diet also affects the tissues of the muscles, where the body to break the protein in the muscles to obtain energy instead of burning fat in the body and to lose weight quickly should be applied a healthy diet and balanced combining the various nutrients and does not contain high calories, When you apply for a diet program, do not deprive yourself of anything, but you must balance the number of calories. For example, when you crave a piece of chocolate, you can eat a small piece twice a week while reducing calories in the rest of the meals.

How can fast dieting be used healthily?

In order to stimulate the body to burn more calories and lose weight quickly, the body should feel deprived not to adapt to reduce meals. Fitness experts in the world recommend that when applying for a healthy diet program, it should be three basic points.

- The need to eat five or six meals a day instead of three meals

- Drink plenty of water during the day to get rid of toxins and prevent drought

- Exercise any activity, even if walking for half an hour five times a week

Dina points out that applying the previous steps has great results in weight loss quickly, ensuring that weight does not return after diet cessation, and you will feel better health and ability to accept life better because all body functions will be at best. Weight and elimination of fat in the body as follows:

The breakfast

A cup of Nescafe with milk + a piece of toast + boiled egg or

Cup of Nescafe + three tablespoons of beans + slice of toast

After breakfast two hours

Eat two fruit fruits as you like


Slice of meat + salad dish + three tablespoons of rice

Half a kilo grilled fish or grilled fillet + three spoons of rice + a green salad dish

Tuna tray + salad plate + cup of yogurt

After two hours of food

A small handful of the following nuts (almonds or camel's eye or hazelnuts)

The Dinner

A piece of toast or a quarter of a loaf of brown + a piece of cheese.

After dinner an hour and two hours before sleep

A cup of yogurt or orange juice.


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