How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

    Shiimaa Mohamed

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    How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

    White skin is the dream of every girl, making her seek to reach this dream in any way possible, away from skin whitening cosmetics.

    Here are some natural recipes that help lighten your skin.

    The first recipe for lightening the skin in general:

    - A teaspoon of lemon juice.

    - A tablespoon of olive oil.

    - lukewarm water spoon tends to hot (warm).

    - Then mix all the ingredients and then put the mixture on the skin with massage for some time, then wipe with a dry tissue and do not wash with water, and it is advisable to use this recipe in the evening just before bedtime.

    Second prescription for lightening the hands, armpit or thigh area

    Equal amounts of lemon and potato juice.

     The recipe can be used for all types of skin, face and hands in particular, and the experience is really wonderful, and the longer the period of its development The more benefits they will have and the more desired results will be obtained.

    Third recipe for lightening hands:

    - One and a half tablespoons of honey.

    - 10 spoons of rose water.

    - 4 tablespoons of glycerin.

    - Half teaspoon vinegar.

    - Heat the honey on low heat, then mix with the rest of the ingredients, and put on the hands, and put bags for half an hour and this recipe is effective to a large extent from the experience.

    The fourth recipe to lighten the hands:

    - Heat the olive oil on the fire, then put it on your hands and then rub it with salt and lemon daily.

    The fifth recipe to lighten the complexion of the face:

    - Semi-lemon juice.

    - Two tablespoons of white vinegar

    - Then spin the ingredients well, and massage the face out for five minutes a day, the result will appear mostly after a week of use.

    The sixth recipe:

    - A small tray of glazed.

    - One lemon.

    - Used before bedtime, gives softness and a fairly smooth skin for the skin, but is optimal in softness.


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