Areas of excitement in men


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    Areas of excitement in men

    There are some sensitive areas in the body of the man help to raise him significantly during the practice of intimate sex with his wife

    These areas of his body, once touched or touched, give him a sense of pleasure, pleasure and sexual excitement. The man's body is sufficient to achieve the enjoyment of sexual relationship exciting and this long as a person can recognize the areas of excitement and orgasm can achieve sexual satisfaction or satiety. There are a lot of men suffering from cold and cool sexual relations with a sense of inferiority in their desire for intimacy

     Our concern today and through this article will offer you the most important areas that achieve sexual excitement in the body of men

    Lips and tongue

    Lips and tongue of the most sensitive areas that excite the man sexually and achieve sexual satisfaction has been fondling lips and tongue by kissing and feeling the listening at every moment is kissing the man and will taste and feel the happiness that stems from behind kissing lips and caressing tongue This kiss that occurs through the lips increase From arousing a man's lust and making him willing to engage in an enjoyable sexual relationship. As well as tongue-licking in the back and lower abdomen achieve excitement and orgasm in the man so much so I feel your husband with pleasure and sexual desire by provoking these areas in the body of the man. Because mouth is considered one of the most important areas that raise men

    Neck and ear
    The neck and ear are also one of the most sexually stimulating areas in the man, so try not to be bothered with kisses hot and hang in the tongue where the neck area of ​​the rich sources that achieve satiety and sexual satisfaction. That's because the neck contains some nerve endings that you can take advantage of. There are a large number of men adoring the passage of women's fingernails lightly below the line of hair with caressing the area behind the neck with your hands. One of the most important points that your husband is excited too high whispered the ear of the man in these words of love with the ear lobe with your mouth or your teeth or your fingers. Make sure that you are gentle and gentle in fondling the ear area of ​​your husband in order to achieve some sense of sexual pleasure

    Thighs and buttocks
    One of the most sensitive areas of excitement in the man is the area of ​​the thighs from the inside, just to hold it and the passage of your fingers gently through the man feels the peak of excitement and sexual desire. This is because the thighs are one of the most close areas of the penis in the man and that makes him reach sexual madness. The line between the thigh and the back of the most exciting areas once touched.

    The area of ​​the buttocks also do not forget her age with your hands for the moment of descent semen. Of areas also make men feel dizzy and sexual pleasure is the area behind the knee, which contains some nerve endings all you have to do in this area

    Perineum and testes
    The area of ​​the perineum and testicles are sensitive areas that excite men and feel trembling and sexual pleasure. The perineum is the line between the anus and the penis. This area is very sensitive so ask your husband during the descent of ejaculation and ejaculation in order to pressure them, this increases the strength of the erection and access to orgasm.

    You can stimulate the scrotum and this is the testicles, which contain a very high rate of inflammation of the nerve that gives the travelers a sense of excitement and sexual pleasure. You can gently caress the area behind the testicles to achieve satisfactory results and you will notice for yourself

    Penis and nipples
    The male's penis is known to be the most sensitive area in the male reproductive tract. The intimate relationship will not be pleasantly completed until the man's penis is massaged from top to bottom and vice versa. Penis suspended the woman's tongue increases his sexual desire and increase his desire to exercise intimacy, where a rod to the area of ​​the head of the penis and the best way to raise it is by friction or sucking lips

     The body of the penis that you should not disturb massage. The area behind the penis and the end of the penis These areas are rich in nerve endings that must not be ignored to achieve desire and sexual desire. The area of ​​the nipples of the tits of the nomads also makes him crazy during the exercise of intimacy


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