Messi shine in front of Tuntham, and Farouk al-Fishawi announced cancer

    Shiimaa Mohamed

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    Messi shine in front of Tuntham, and Farouk al-Fishawi announced cancer

    Today's issues that have attracted the attention of Arab fans: Premier League matches especially Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Naples, and in Egypt support for the famous example of Farouk Al-Fishawi after he announced his cancer.

    Today we start our report by the interaction of the pioneers of Arab networking sites with the Champions League matches yesterday.

    The Arab Singers eagerly followed the match between Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur on the second and ended with a 4-1 win.

    Barca's Messi star made two goals against Tottenham Hotspur, and the Singers praised his performance as the best player in the world.

    The Argentinian player's name has appeared in more than 80,000 tweets over the last 24 hours.

    While spread the title of "Tottenham" to appear in more than twenty thousand tweets in turn during the same period of time.

    The leaders of the Arab networking sites followed the match between Liverpool and Napoli, Italy, which ended with the victory of the last goal in the second half of the game.

    The players discussed the performance of Mohammed Salah in Liverpool, supporting him after the loss of his side against Napoli.

    Farouk AlFishawi

    We are moving to Egypt, where the famous Egyptian actor Farouk AlFishawi is spreading his name after he announced his cancer during his honor at the Alexandria Film Festival.

    A number of Egyptian artists have been supporting AlFishawi in his illness, and users have indicated that his announcement of his illness in this way will support those infected.

    Absolute recommends pluralism

    In Saudi Arabia, published the title of "The Absolute", in reference to a member of the Supreme Council of Scholars, the adviser to the Royal Court, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Mutlaq, who encouraged in his statements polygamy to solve the problem of the blind and divorced as described.

    After the statements of the absolute launched users who have spread to appear in more than 15 thousand tweets over the past 24 hours.

    Through, users discussed polygamy and split their views between support and criticism.


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