Tips for Selecting the Right Condom Brand in India

Condoms are the easiest and most effective way of preventing pregnancy and other sexual infections during childbirth. Condoms are readily accessible online and offline, at relatively low rates. Condoms promotes the safe and respectful practice of sex. With different types of condoms being invented nowadays manufactured keeping in mind the sexual preference and likes and dislikes of consumers, condoms don’t come in between you and your partner while achieving the optimal amount of satisfaction.

The market nowadays if filled with condoms of various textures, colors and flavours. They are very simple to use, and because of its compact size, they are pretty portable. You do not need to visit a doctor to purchase a condom. Without a prescription, you can easily pick up a condom from chemists, supermarkets and online stores. Condoms should only be rolled over the penis and it does the job of shielding your partner from pregnancy and any STI or HIV.

Do you know, the first recorded condom use had been about 11,000 France which belonged to King Minos. In India it is a taboo to talk about sex and condoms. Thanks to the promotional ability of condom manufacturers, and media, they have significantly changed the scenario. People have ceased to be discreet and now concentrate on family planning and defense against sexually transmitted diseases. Choosing the best condom to buy in India can be overwhelming, given the different types and brands on the market are available. Most brands offer a variety of condoms with different textures and flavours, however, all these condoms are laced with harmful chemicals which are very bad for your intimate organs and cause you a dozen side effects like hormonal fluctuations, stinging, itching or burning sensation, and even cancer.

However, there is one such condom which is very good and is free from such harmful chemicals. Now you will encounter  no more toxic chemicals and after-effect worries while making love.

A safe choice is now available catering to all your intimate needs! Bleü have launched their brand new range of organic condoms specially curated for sensitive skin. To buy Bleu’s organic condoms online you can visit Try their exclusive range of non-toxic, paraben-free condoms for a comfortable and long-lasting experience while making love. Bleu organic condoms contain no N-nitrosamine and are free from Parabens, Glycerine, Benzocaine and other Artificial flavours which are harmful chemicals found in most condom brands. However, Bleu organic condoms are handcrafted with passion so your private parts never get exposed to unsafe cancer agents. To buy luxury condoms online you can even visit amazon, flipkart and shycart. Bleu is available on all premium e-commerce portals promising discreet packaging and safe and sensual pleasure because of its chemical-free properties unlike other players in the market.

Not only this, Bleu has a luxury range of 3 variants suited for all customers according to their preferences.

  1. Ultra- thin condoms

Bleü’s ultra-thin organic condoms are exclusively designed to give you the best of both the worlds- The feeling of luxury coupled with the absolute uniqueness of a natural condom product! These are made with Natural Rubber Latex free from any detected carcinogenic (cancer)agents and provides you with a natural, innate feel. To buy ultra thin condoms in India you can shop from Bleu’s website or via amazon, flipkart, shycart etc.

  1. Dotted Condoms

Bleü’s Dotted Organic Condoms are premium condoms designed to give your passionate sessions an extra stimulation through its raised dots.

  1. 3-in-1 Condoms

Bleu’s triple featured condom combines the best of all their premium features in a single product that would appeal to connoisseurs of lovemaking.

All these variants come in a pack of 8 and 100% electronically tested for safety and made in factory approved by FDA. So, now you know what to choose when it comes to select the right condom brand in India.